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10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

It is a fact that those who continue their life in big cities have a difficult time in interior decorations, today’s living spaces have limited room widths of multi-storey buildings and a limited plan in terms of decoration can be made. For those who are looking for decoration ideas for small living spaces, we prepared 10 decoration suggestions for small houses. Living areas can be small, but they are not a hindrance to a home life that provides aesthetically pleasing, visual comfort. The best way to evaluate small areas and more comfortable and functional home decoration can be achieved with rational decoration methods.

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

1-) Furniture and furniture choices

When decorating your small living space you have to choose the furniture and furniture you will choose according to the shape of the room. Instead of designs with unnecessary features that take up a lot of space, there is a need to choose the furniture they need. For example, a stylish Tv unit with drawers and shelves, a spacious comfortable L seat design and a mid-trip table design for ease of use are the right designs for the start.

Particularly in the selection of middle table and TV unit, designs should be chosen which can display decorative accessories, shelves will be laid thanks to shelves and extra storage due to drawers. Particularly today’s middle tables have advanced functional features and the middle tables, which can be turned into a table when opened, allow you to save a lot of space, and at the same time these tables can be used as laptop tables.

Evaluate free spaces

2-) One of the most important points of decoration proposal for small houses is to know how to evaluate empty spaces in the best and rational way. After the furniture placement, it is very important that you use the rational spaces that are visibly striking, and you should pay attention to the comfort and movement in the living space from the visual point of view.

Wall decoration is important

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

decorative shelves

3-) If you live in a small house, you should use the empty walls in the best way, the wall mounted designs will work great in such situations. The use of tables on the wall will increase visibility, especially since decorative wall shelves will open up new storage areas.

The mirrors make the place big

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

mirror walls

4-) The use of a mirror creates a sense of size of the pavilion, often shown among small decoration tricks used. If we want to show it bigger than it is, we can make use of mirrors in almost every living space.

For small kitchens

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

small kitchen decoration

5-) Use rectangular dining tables based on the wall instead of round tables in the kitchen, so you can save space. If you use white kitchen cabinets, you can get a spacious and clean appearance in the living room, while the white spaces provide a cleaner and more comfortable appearance. If kitchen walls are available, you can choose rack systems, you can create new areas for your kitchenware.

From the floor, the wall from the wall!

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

bookshelves and shelves

6-) In the fields such as the bedroom and the yard living rooms, prefer decorative shelf systems with shelves up to the ceiling. This space will expose the entire crowd of space, but at the same time offers a modern look.

Choose leg designs

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

7-) High-rise furniture creates a more comfortable appearance in small houses, you can take this into consideration when choosing furniture such as middle table, armchairs, dresuar yada console.

Do not be afraid to use white

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

small white home decoration

Zemin The floor and wall color you choose in your living space is the most important point that determines the comfort and spaciousness of the environment. You may encounter many different colors in small home decoration examples, but you never see the whiteness and comfort. It should be preferred for a more spacious, bright and spacious appearance as it is in Scandinavian decoration examples with its white use on floor and wall.

Decorative boxes and baskets

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

decorative boxes and baskets

9-) With decorative boxes and baskets you can comfortably use in every area of ​​the house, you can get a more regular decoration view by destroying the scattering in small areas. You can add designs for this type of storage to areas such as kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Duvar monte designs

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

wall mount designs

10-) In life saving designs in small houses, wall-mounted ready designs of many furniture including work desk can be found easily. For example, workbenches, bedding, wall-mounted cabinets in the bathroom, and space-saving designs that can be closed are among the designs that must be used for small houses.

10 Decoration Recommendations for Small Houses

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