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16 Different Balcony Closure Models and Recommendations

16 Different Balcony Closure Models and Recommendations

With the arrival of the summer months, the balcony or terrace starts to show our desire. We will sip our lemonade all winter accompanied by a slight wind, and the balcony is dreaming. In fact, the balcony is not only a place for summer, but a special place for special occasions in the winter months where we can separate ourselves. We have to read books, listen to music, make tea time with our parents, and make it an area where we can play games. If you are looking for a system that will provide summer or winter use for this area, you will have excellent balconies in line with inspirational models and ideas we offer today. In order to use your balconies for the 4 seasons, the application you need to do is turn off the balcony . It allows you to spend a cooler summer in the summer, while in winter it conquers many outdoor balcony owners with a warmer environment.

What are the materials used to close the balcony?

Which material you will use on the balcony door is in fact directly proportional to what purpose you will use the balcony. First you will use the balcony as a storage, or you will sit in your balcony and have a good time. Another question you need to ask yourself after you make this decision, is there a view of your balcony? How is the thermal insulation? Can you isolate the voices? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may prefer PVC or tempered glass . In recent years except for two   especially if you have a view that meets you when you go to your balcony and you do not want to close or divide this view, you can choose the first preferred folding glass systems with ease. The glass material that we will compare as durability is healthier than PVC and gives a more aesthetic appearance. We recommend that glass balconies are not preferred in places where there is heavy dust in the winter because they do not make noise and heat insulation as well as dust and rain.

Advantages of Closed Balkon

  • It creates an impressive environment from which you can use only four seasons out of an area you can use in the summer months.
  • Even if you have a view of your home, you can continue to watch your scenery with the choice of glass material you choose.
  • You can also create your own privacy, which can block the appearance of your balcony according to the type of glass you choose in your choice of glass.
  • You will have a clean environment because the dust, dirt and rainfall in the environment do not get into your balcony. This way, you can keep your balcony furniture with peace of mind.
  • In the case of financial matters, it is very beneficial for the home economy and it is very comfortable in the winter months with insulation support.
  • If you need extra storage space in winter, your closed balcony can be the solution.
  • Sometimes outdoor balconies can be dangerous for small children. So we can suggest a closed balcony to reduce the risk.

Disadvantages of the closed balcony

  • Although the glass casing is aesthetically pleasing in appearance and does not close my sight and makes the balcony look more spacious, it does not have too many cans that need to be cleaned and it is not difficult to clean these glasses. Particularly in folding glass systems, the cleaning of exterior glass is very difficult.
  • You may also have difficulty cleaning the floor. Normally you can wash the balcony with plenty of water in the wash, but you may need to clean the covered balcony as well as the inside of your house, especially on the covered balconies where you put the furniture.
  • If you close a balcony, you have less space for ventilation.Due to lack of open space, the chamber will become a closed unit.
  • Closed balconies can block direct sunlight into the house. We do not want a dark house without us. This is one of the issues that I think about using indoor balconies.
  • There are additional costs for covering the balcony in terms of the coating material and workmanship required for the coating.Regular maintenance may also be required for the enclosed area.
  • Also, if your house’s sanction plan includes an open balcony, you should consider that it is illegal. So you should look at the plans before closing your balcony.

How can you turn off your balcony as an architect at home today? What materials should you use and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the closed kitchen? We hope we talked about these questions in your head have found answers. If you have any other questions that you have in mind, you can always ask your questions to the Architect at home team.


16 Different Balcony Closure Models and Recommendations

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