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40 Pieces Window Front Decorating Ideas to Open Your Mind

40 Pieces Window Front Decorating Ideas to Open Your Mind

Would you like to transform a place your home has never dreamed of, perhaps even a disgusting place, into a magnificent comfort zone? In this post we have shared 40 different window decorations or window sill ideas for you. If you wish, you can create a private resting area, a storage area if you like, a living room for narrow rooms, maybe just taking your book and drawing a corner or a playground for your child. There is no doubt that a very small area for and a touch of space that you can do at low cost will add a very different atmosphere.

Examples of Window For Living Room

What a difference in a peaceful resting corner, in the attic, in an apartment building in the heart of the city! You do not need anything other than a chest, a mattress to throw on, and a few pillows to make in front of your window.

Why would you close your beautiful windows from side to side with tulle and curtains, turning them into the best place in the house? You can add a different atmosphere to your living room using different decorations, ornaments, books, candles and creative lampshades, or many different things that do not come to mind.

Examples of Window For the Bedroom

We usually do not put anything in the walls of our bedrooms where the windows are, and we leave them empty. However, you can make a cupboard for use as a storage space on the edges of the window and create a different part that will make your bedroom look nice in front of the window.

Examples of Front Window for the Children’s Room

You can create a reading area for your child’s books on a cupboard where the toys are hidden. You may even have a small room, your two children can even lay the same room, or even create a more personal space by separating the areas they are in. Maybe you just can not understand it with a small recess in front of the window. It’s in your hands to make it beautiful!

Examples of windows for your kitchen

Like we said, the ideas in front of the window are not unique to a single room. If you want to use something more effective or beautiful in appearance, you can do it in front of the window there. You can create a bright environment in front of the window, or a comfortable environment in your kitchen to drink your tea while you wait for your cakes to be cooked.

Various Window Examples

For those who say, “There is such a place in my house!” Or perhaps only a room for oneself, we tried to include different examples here as well. You can apply these ideas to your study room, perhaps even in front of the window in the hallway of your cottage or even on your balcony.


We would not share our most favorite examples with you. We have given examples of decoration in front of the window by thinking about the same purposes until now, but here are some more differences. Let’s face it, if we had such windows at the entrance of our house, we would take their measure as the first job and go to the park. On the other hand, some thought it as a place to sit there and tie their shoes, or to put their bags when wearing a coat. It looks so much nicer than closing it with us cupboards. In the other example, it is a bed where one of the cute and charming people will not want to go out, it is warm on the patio side. You can not do anything other than film watching all day, we do not accept responsibility.

40 Pieces Window Front Decorating Ideas to Open Your Mind

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