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8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

If you do not have as much light as your house, and you think that the decoration is unlit, you can take advantage of the 8 tips we have prepared to make your living spaces brighter. The most important thing that influences visuality in decoration is natural light, so when you make your color choices for your house, you should consider the house front, the amount of light it receives and the size of the space. However, your house may not receive light due to the façade it is looking at, and in this case you may be able to make the environment more spacious and bright with various arrangements you will make in the room. Here are 8 tips to make your decoration look brighter!

Inspect the illuminations

Illuminations are one of the most important factors that change the visual in a space, so you should re-use the illumination designs and the used bulbs you are using. Instead of high wattage bulbs, you can use LED lights that illuminate more and consume less electricity.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

led lighting

If you think that ceiling lighting does not light enough, you can choose decorative lighting designs at certain points on the floor. You can increase the light level of the room with lamps and lampshades.

White wall paint on ceiling and wall

If the white walls look very classical, they play a leading role in making a house look more spacious and bright. For example, you can look at examples of Scandinavian decoration, the biggest problem in these houses is that they can not get the light, they use white as much as possible in the room and prefer a far away decoration from the crowd to overcome this problem.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

white wall paint

Of course, another point to note is that the whiten tone you choose, a broken white wall paint may not brighten your desired whiteness somewhat, so you can look at the color charts of famous paint brands and see the most preferred white tones.

Avoid big and dark furniture

The furniture and colors you prefer in the venue are one of the most important points affecting the atmosphere of the place. Sometimes even a single piece of furniture can adversely affect the visual, especially the dark furniture and furniture. You can choose a design that has lighter tones, slim legs and a floor that you can see instead of a floor with no mid floor.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

floor design

Use decorative shelves

A simple way of layering the depth of space is to use open shelves. If you are using closed cupboards on the floor in the wall, you should get rid of them immediately and include the open shelves in the decoration. Instead of a bulky library, open shelves used on the wall will change the visual of the room by itself.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

open shelves and libraries

You can also gain both visual and functional décor by using decorative baskets in your room to keep your furniture straight and to destroy the crowd of the environment.

Use a mirror

Especially in small houses, it is necessary to make use of the bright and reflections created by mirrors. The mirrors give the space depth by showing larger than it is a place. So for a brighter and brighter décor you have to make use of mirrors in certain areas of the house.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

use of mirror in decoration

White tiles in kitchen and Banyoda

It is still a classical but very effective method of white bright tiles. If you are looking for a more spacious and bright visual in the kitchen and in the bathroom, you can choose white tiles.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

white tiles for bathroom and kitchen

Choose acrylic furniture

In recent years, acrylic has been preferred in many areas, from stilts to seats, and the most important feature provided by acrylic designs is the brilliance and modern appearance created by the bathroom. The acrylic design can provide a more attractive and brighter appearance in a small dark place.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

acrylic furniture

In our previous writing we talked about acrylic designs and decoration examples in the decor, you can review the details using the link below.

Make room for metallic details

You can take advantage of the metallic details to make the decoration brighter and brighter. For example, the metallic details of decorative parts such as mirrors, tables, coffee tables will reflect the light and the brightness of the room will increase. In short, you can add brilliance to your house with metallic details to make the place brighter.

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

metallic detailed home decoration

8 Tips to Show the Room Bright

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