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9 Directions and Color Suggestions for a Peaceful House with Feng Shui

9 Directions and Color Suggestions for a Peaceful House with Feng Shui

According to the principles, 9 stars are equivalent to 9 points each year. Eight of these points represent the directions (main and intermediate directions), and one represents the center. There are also elements in Feng Shui. These elements are; water, earth, fire, wood and metal. These five elements are found in nature and are used intentionally to create color, harmony and positive life energy / chi in some parts of the house.

In this year, 2018 Dog Year (according to the Chinese Astrology Calendar), we will show you which directions the stars correspond to, what effects we can have on our homes and how you can be protected from these effects. As you paint and decorate your house, you can decide which color to choose in which room, according to the direction in which 5 positive stars and 4 negative stars coincide.

9 Directions and Color Suggestions for a Peaceful House with Feng Shui

How Do You Find Feng Shui Directions for Your Home?

Stand at the entrance door of your house and compose your hand with your compass (a compass recommended) and proceed to find the center of your house, ie “0”. That is the point that Feng Shui defines as ‘the center ‘. After determining the center of your house, you can easily calculate the remaining 8 directions according to the compass.

Once you have calculated the directions, it will come to your choice of colors that you can use on the walls according to the direction of your rooms. For you, we have classified the colors you can use in 9 ways:

2018 Positive Stars

Center / Elementi: Fire

2018 In the year of the dog, the star that corresponds to the Center (ie, the 0 point you set with your compass) is the star that represents your elaboration and happiness . The colors you can use at this point to support the realization of dreams and the happiness of events; blue, green, red, purple, orange, vermillion and fushia. You can paint your tiles on your floor with these colors or you can choose your carpet, mats in the specified colors. In addition to this, you can use symbols representing fire like a candle at this point.

North West / Elementi: Water

In 2018, the star that is north-west is a career star . It is the star that supports success in business life, competition environment and chance for it. The colors that can be used in this direction are white, gold, silver, gray and metallic, blue, dark blue and black. We advise you to initiate renovations in the North West direction. You can place your work table by giving your back to this direction for success.

South West / Elementi: Metal

In 2018, the star is a surprise star in the South West. You can increase your chances of good opportunities, strength and support by supporting this direction. Which colors you can use in this direction; beige, cream, light brown, dark yellow, white, gold, silver, gray and metallic.

South East / Elementary: Soil

In 2018, the star in the South East, the star of wealth . You can support this direction for luck in financial and spiritual wealth, fortune and real estate. The colors you can use in these walls are blue, dark blue and black, beige, cream, light brown and dark yellow. You can also use wallpapers in the specified colors to see if you need to paint the entire wall. Intensive use is not required. Even placing a few small metal objects will be enough to support your energy there.

South / Elementi: Tree

2018 The star that corresponds to the South in the year of the dog; love, creativity and education . You can increase your romance, marriage, personal development, education chances by supporting this direction. Married couples can use red, orange, vermillion, fushia, beige, cream, light brown and dark yellow colors. Bachelors can use green, yellow and skin color, or wood objects can support this direction. For your educational career, you can turn your work surface into this direction and use wooden symbols, or you can use the dark blue, black, blue, green colors of your wall in this direction and place your aquarium in this direction.

2018 Negative Stars

North East / Elementary: Tree

The negative star that coincides with the North East in the year 2018; a star of conflict .

Because disagreements, stresses and legal problems can come from this direction, using fire and metal elements and colors which do not support the tree element which is this directional element will help us not to be protected from these negative energies. So even if we use a candle in this direction, it will help dispel the negative energy. Besides, there are red, orange, vermillion and fusia on your walls; white, gold, silver, gray and metallic colors.

East / Elementary: Metal

2018 The negative star corresponding to the east direction in the dog; a danger star .

Theft is a star that brings abuse, abuse, unreliability, and energy while at the same time bringing art and entertainment. Therefore, instead of cutting off the energy of the metal element that represents this direction, we should prefer balancing. You can choose to use water objects and wood products to decorate this area, or you can choose green and brown paint colors or wallpapers on the facing walls. Besides this, it will be a good choice to place your house plants in this direction. If your entry is looking east, you can choose floor or carpet in black or blue color on the floor.

North / Elementi: Soil

2018 The negative star that corresponds to the North direction in the dog; a loss star .

The colors that we can recommend for you in the northern direction of our home bringing energies that can cause material and spiritual loss are blue, green, white, gold, silver, gray and metallic. You can also use windbreaker, metal accessories for decoration. We recommend you to initiate renovations in your north-facing rooms, which may turn you in the face, but we advise you not to turn your back.

Western / Elementary: Soil

2019 The negative star that corresponds to the west direction in the dog; a disease star .

Our health care proposals for this star, which carries health concerns, future anxiety energy, are oriented to use white, gray, black, blue and tones in the west direction. As a decoration accessory we recommend hanging 6 dets or hanging a wind chime and using candles in this direction.

Today we try to give you the simplest ways to shape and decorate your home by going out of the Feng Shui principles. We advise you to consult for more detailed methods and also to get the direction map of your home, the croquis, as a professional.

9 Directions and Color Suggestions for a Peaceful House with Feng Shui

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