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A safer home for your child

A safer home for your child

As parents, when decorating our home, we can usually make arrangements without considering the details of children’s energy and unlimited mobility. Especially for a certain age group there are many risks that can cause danger in many areas of the house. What we can do for you today is a safer home decoration that will ensure the safety of you and the children, and we want to address these important points.

We need to think about every detail to the finest detail in order to remove the risk of possible accidents for children at home. We must always keep in mind that children are very curious and that they can make unexpected movements in their living spaces. For a safer home decor for children, we must think carefully about the small and fine details and make various arrangements to minimize the danger.

Dangers waiting for children at home

A safer home for your child

safe home decoration ideas for children

The first point to note in a child’s house is the lubrication of the floors. Slippery floors are a great danger to adults, children. When we consider the area of ​​action of the children we should know that this danger will be expected not only in our own room but also in all other living spaces of the house. Prevent slipping as a precaution against slippery surfaces should be preferred. Soil stabilizers should be used as often as possible in children’s most visited habitats. Because they move more comfortably and quickly in areas such as hallways, non-slip carpets will reduce the risk of accidents in these living areas.

Make sure that stairwells do not slip if you have a staircase at home, have a design so that the balustrades and sizes do not endanger, have lockout latches in each room, have a pointed and cutter in the drawers where children can comfortably reach at home, are important points that we should pay attention to as a starting point for decoration.

Curiosity and Mobility

Children do not know boundaries about curiosity and mobility, they may want to worry about every area in the house, they may want to quit, this is normal behavior for every child. For this reason, it is our duty to remove risks that are as dangerous as possible. Locking systems have to be used in children’s homes, especially in kitchens where it is important to prevent access to knives and other cutting and drilling tools. If you have unused rooms and there is a dangerous environment for children in these areas, you can be careful that the doors of these areas are permanently locked.

A safer home for your child

keep your child away from home hazards

As they are curious, they will want to examine many objects and objects, so you should keep all cutting tools, medicines and other dangerous goods in a safe area where children will not have access. Another small but important point is that the weights of the selected items for the children’s room, the items that are difficult for the children to carry, the accessories and other objects should not be preferred for the children’s room. The fixation of all furniture and other items that may fall in the child room is a precaution to prevent possible accidents.

A safer home for your child

for child safety at home

We talked about the elements that could cause a possible danger to this part of our writing, but we need to deepen it further for the measures we can take in other living spaces of the house. We will talk about the dangers waiting for children in all living spaces and the precautions that can be taken.

Safer living spaces for children

Kitchen layout

For children it is at the top of the most dangerous areas at home kitchens. An area where cutters, drilling tools and burning and burning tools can be reached. For this reason, you should carry all the equipment and tools you think you will cause danger in the kitchen to a place that the child can not reach.

A safer home for your child

a safe home decoration

For receptacles located in the kitchen it is absolutely necessary to use locking latches and in particular do not have cutting tools on the counter. The moon is among the greatest hazards waiting for children in the kitchen, so you should use cooker barriers and kiln lockers if possible.

A safer home for your child

danger to children waiting in the kitchen

We recommend that you use window latches as kitchen windows are still dangerous for children. With window latches, windows can be opened up to 10 cm, which raises the risk for the child.

Bathroom decoration

Bathrooms are areas where most of the house accidents are experienced, not just for children, but for adults. The hard and wet floors of the canyon are a great risk for children and adults, and it is a simple and effective precaution to prefer bathrooms that do not slip on the floor. As in all other living areas, locking latches must be used in the receptacles located in the bathroom.

A safer home for your child

get security measures at home for children

Another dangerous situation for children at Banyoda is easy access to personal care products. Color care products that are designed for adults with a variety of chemicals are products that children can take care of. In the same way, razors and razors left in the washing area must be stored in areas that are absolutely inaccessible to children. Children often want to mimic behaviors they see from their parents, for example a child who follows his shaved father will want to test it with razor blades and other cutting tools as well. A different example is that of the hair models seen in girls, the boy who sees the mother shaping her haircuts and hairpins will want to do it in the same way and it will probably do so unexpectedly.

Bedroom Organization

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the children’s movement areas are almost unlimited, since the bedrooms are an area where you can still see your information, you should analyze the hazards in this area well and remove it. Especially cabinets and drawers are the most curious parts of the bedroom in the bedroom, and you should remove them in an area where they can not reach all the objects that could be damaged in the lower drawers.

Cabinets are the greatest danger for children, energetic children climbing curiosity is the biggest factor that leads to accidents. The furniture that they can climb and hang in the bedroom must definitely be fixed. By keeping the bedroom door closed during the day, you can take permanent measures against possible hazards.

Hall arrangement

Since there is a common living room hall that is spent most of the time at home, you can take various measures for your child’s safety. First, you should include designs with oval lines instead of sharp objects. Pointed angles, especially medium-sized coffee table furniture that can harm children. For small children’s houses, we recommend you to use the middle table for a while when possible, as most children lose the balance of the saloon and are damaged by striking the stables. If you are using wall mounted items in your item and accessory selections, you should pay attention to this issue, as usual you will want to climb and hang up and most likely you will be hurt at the end of this action. You should absolutely avoid using heavy objects and objects like the Salonda iron yada, heavy items and accessories that are at risk of overturning are among the major hazards waiting for the children.

Childroom Organization

The most important living space that must be kept at the highest level for your children’s safety is the children’s room. You need to skip even the slightest details to minimize the dangers waiting for your child in this area. You can start with floor safety, prefer non-slip children. You should pay particular attention to the cable lengths of lighting products in the room. It can play with long cables, it can hurt yourself while playing. You should also use locking latches for the socket and power switches. Do not use space for high-fidelity children, especially for children up to a certain age, such as bunk beds.

One of the other important points is the sharp edges in the children’s room furniture. This issue is so important that we recommend you to choose products with rounded edges when furniture for the children’s room is taken. You can use adhesive edges that soften the edges to a point.

makalemizi okumanızı öneriyoruz. We recommend that you read our child room decoration article with all the details that we wrote earlier, for the child room decoration and all the details you need to look out for.

A safer home for your child

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