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Apartment and Office Renovation Examples and Applications

Apartment and Office Renovation Examples and Applications

The addition of apartments and offices is one of our efforts to transform our spirituality and the atmosphere we live in. In particular, deep changes such as workplace remodeling and office renovation help us not only to grow our business but also to make our place beautiful. We will try to convey to you how we are made to give you relevant information about apartment modification, office renovation, as well as how to stop it when it is done.

Examples of Office and Workplace Renovation

The amendment of office and work places leads to major changes. From lighting up to the condition of the walls, many items are restructured according to the brand’s vision according to the energy the company has. During this renovation, the infrastructure is then redesigned and the interior decoration is redesigned at the latest stage.

How Much Amount of Office Renovation?

Of course, having an office renovation can not be charged in a standard way. The offices are being reshaped to consider many elements and work to rebuild. Despite all this, we can give you an average price as an Architect at Home. Below you can see the estimated pricing of many services such as office renovation, workplace modification, we will present to you. Here are office renovation rates :

Office of Metrekaresi Average Office Renovation Prices
60-90 m2 10.000-30.000 TL
90-150 m2 15,000-45,000 TL
150-200 m2 25,000 TL-50,000 TL

What should be taken into consideration when the apartment and the office are being renovated?

When the apartments and offices are being renovated, the area to be renovated must first be examined very well. With a solid discovery and a robust interior design review, office renovation can be done very nicely. In order for offices to get a better look, the infrastructure must first be improved. Places where the sub-structure is made complete and correct always lead to better decoration. After infrastructure works like electricity and water installation, it is essential to renew the walls. Whether you change wall colors or do plasterboard work, you can be in the mood for a better look at your office or your office. In your office, especially the will make a positive contribution to your choices.

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Recommendations for Office Decoration

There are unique ideas for office decorations all over the world. Each of these can help you create an innovative structure for your office. pictures of we also want to give you a different vision at this point. With this vision, we hope that both employees work more efficiently and that the brand will be reflected more in the customers.

In this article, we tried to give you relevant information about apartment and office renovation. I hope it has been useful for you. You can share the points you are wondering with us, and you can forward your questions and opinions to us at any time.

Apartment and Office Renovation Examples and Applications

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