Capital: The Turkish business community gives a big unity message after July 15th, explaining the economy support messages. What do you think about this new term?

Davut Karachak: We have passed a big test on July 15th as a country. I wish our patriotic martyrs who have paid this test to die, patiently to Allah’s mercy relatives

What do you think about the 2023 target of your sector? Will the sector reach its goal?

As a sector, our export figure for 2015 is 2,400 million dollars. Our annual growth target is about 5 times the national target. A target of $ 10 billion was set as a furniture sector in the 2023 target. Our faith is to overcome this goal. Why do I say so easily, both in the demands of the industry and in the sector of serious and disciplined design to give importance to the importance given to the task of securing this plan to do our duty to do our part. The targets set at the same time also enable us to constantly work within the business. We are looking for new markets and new customers with our exporting state and our institutions. We are introducing Turkish furniture to the world. Our goal is not to stay in the country in the direction of the direction that this is a path that we believe will ultimately bring success.

How was 2015 as a company? How are you going through 2016, will there be a change in your year-end target? How about your turnover and other parameters?

Depending on the world, we can not say that we are not influenced by the country but we are absolutely influenced by certain issues because of the border neighboring countries. Especially the rise from the standstill in the European economy is making us hope. We have not been able to get over the fact that we are struggling to meet the targets we set in 2015. Our 2016 goals are not different from 2015. The Turkish economy is also rising in parallel with the world economy.

We are a society with the advantage of young dynamic average age of 28.5. Our own internal dynamics are vivid and open to consumption. In this case it is an optimistic situation in the internal capacities of the enterprises. External capacity, ie export part, is very important for 2016. Instead of linking the Turkish economy and business people to fixed markets, we are working with a number of variable markets and the most important target markets in the contacts are the markets of Africa, America and the Middle East. These markets are virgin and open markets, and we take good account of the deficits in these markets. This will help us keep our 2016 goals.


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