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Country Style Flower Sticky Folies!

Country Style Flower Sticky Folies!

As you know from the recycling projects on the décor, there is an area of ​​great interest, with decorative sticky foil models at the top of the products most needed for retrofit work. These decorative designs have a lot of advantages in decorating, both in terms of both material and visual in order to reflect your style comfortably to your house quite handy.

As you know, the adhesive foil can be easily applied to almost any floor and it is very important that the surface to be used is smooth and flat so that a more successful result is obtained. In our summer, we want to include flower-patterned designs, which are the most popular and sought-after patterns among adhesive folios.

The floral patterned folio is among the decorative products with different color choices and sizes, especially winning the favor of the housewives. It greatly facilitates the work of those who want to do renovation work for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, salons and children’s rooms.

The floral-patterned adhesive foil is preferred for country and vintage decorations, with all the furniture in the house and folies that can be applied to the white furniture, the living spaces can have a more romantic and elegant look.

The contribution to decorating can be fairly large in terms of material, and the sticky foil makes it possible to make this work effortlessly and cheaply, especially for those who want to get a romantic and stylish look at home. You can create wonders with old kitchen cabinets, coffee tables, tables, bathrooms and bedroom cabinets, children’s rooms and kitchen walls, in short, every country you might think of at home.


There is a lot of choice about color, with floral sticky foil patterns, mostly in pastel shades, giving the place a more spacious and calm style. It is possible to visually change a makam easily with decorative folio which blue, green, pink, turquoise and wooden patterns come out.

In our gallery, we have chosen for you the stylish and aesthetic recycling projects made with these decorative foils, we have included renovation works with mostly country style flower-patterned adhesive foil.

Country Tarzı Çiçekli Yapışkanlı Folyolar ! PHOTO GALLERY / Country Style Floral Adhesive Foils!

Country Style Flower Sticky Folies!

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