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Cultural Stone Models and Usage Examples

Cultural Stone Models and Usage Examples

We will talk about how you used the culture stone, which is a wall covering model, which has been frequently encountered and sought recently. Those who want to add color or movement to the house have been cultured with their choice of colors and models of their preference for those who want to make their preference in color and paint the walls with wallpaper, but now they want to feel naturalness in living rooms or bedrooms. Cultural stones have no difference in appearance from natural stones. Not only the appearance, but also the texture, the model and the color options have the characteristic of being a replica of natural stones.

You can use it in the interior decoration of your house as you prefer in the exterior of your buildings. Fireplace, barbecue, on the walls of the quarry is a highly preferred model emerges as a confrontation. These cultural stones we use as decorations are lighter and thinner than natural stones, which makes it easier to finish the coating process. Another advantage is that the thin coating is not used as a space. Thanks to the heat and sound insulation you have, you can have a quiet and warm atmosphere in your home.

7 Characteristics of Cultural Stone

  1. You will be free from paint and insulation processes that you regularly make every year. If you are exhausted both economically and from year to year, the culture stone is for you!
  2. The flooring can be easily applied on all finished surfaces.
  3. Thanks to the sound and heat insulation provided , you will have solved this problem.
  4. Problems such as the formation of bars or the breakage of stones on the stone that you may come across in your natural stone application will not come to you.
  5. Thanks to its easy installation and disassembly process , no extra processing is required. You can remove stones when desired.
  6. By dividing the pieces according to your preference, you can cover a wall of your TV unit or your library.
  7. The most preferred is usually decorative pieces such as fireplaces .

Cultural Stone Models and Application

Although the cultural stones emerging from the hill from the east have very different patterns and isomas, the models frequently used are certain. By considering all brands, we have determined 3 different models for you;

  • River stone
  • Slate
  • Castle stone

Things to Watch While Applying

  • In order for the culture stone to be well fixed, your wall must be suitable for this process. If your wall is concrete or brick, your work will be a little easier. You can apply directly. If you want to get a better result in brick walls, it would be better to have a layer of plaster the day before you apply.
  • If the grit concrete is to be treated with culture stone coating, the surface should be scratched and adherence enhancing chemicals should be used on the surface.
  • If the wall consists of a lightweight block such as aerated concrete, a mortar specially designed for this structure should be prepared.
  • If the wall is made of a wooden panel, it must first be covered with moisture barrier (membrane) and waterproofing must be provided.
  • If the wall is made of and if it has not been painted before, you can apply the stones after driving the double adherence enhancer on the wall which is one floor height.

As a team of architects at home for you, what is culture today, what are the advantages and models we mentioned. We hope that you do not have any questions related to culture stone in your mind and you will begin to use culture stone in your home. To answer all the questions that you have in mind, you can ask any question to the Architect at home team.

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Cultural Stone Models and Usage Examples

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