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Custom Designs by RayKonsept

Custom Designs by RayKonsept

RayKonsept is an architectural decoration firm serving in Istanbul with private design and quality service. We continue to be the forerunner of railed cabinet systems with the determination to work from day to day. We are going to make your homes more usable with high quality, very useful, admirable cabinets with aesthetic and long life. For information about our company, please visit Custom Designs by RayKonsept

RayKonsept special cabinet designs 2016

Meeting and Design for Order

We would like to invite you to our store in Kadikoy, Istanbul because we can not evaluate your special design railed cabinet requirement you need. In order to be able to decide a completely customized design, design samples are created in accordance with your requests with our design team. It is your design team’s responsibility to be able to reflect the most exclusive and safe railed cabinet model for you during the study period. If there are any models you like in the existing cabinets, it can be revised for you. While the design team is dealing with this important issue, the other technical team is interested in the measure of the zone you want the spring cupboard.

RayKonsept den Your wishes for your expectations and wardrobe

Our company, which has been serving for many years with the principle of ” How do you like it ” is ready to fulfill all your expectations. Your choice of accessories will be considered together with the customer during design, weight, color choice, anticipation, door model and color selection of the cabinet, interior lighting, accessories for mounting on the door. It is also decided along with our fine detailing architectures such as number of drawers, interior lighting style, hangers and elevated hanger systems, places and shapes of drawers, eyes for your accessories, jewelry box and jewelry eyes required during rail cabinet interior design.

Custom Designs by RayKonsept

railed cabinet raykonsept

Last Measure

After all details are finalized together with the customer, the rail cabin is finalized by the technical staff. This service is provided to avoid any mistake. Detailed assembly and assembly of the rail cabinet is completed, but the assembly team notes the obstacles to the carriage. In addition, immediately before installation, beams, windows, electrical systems, skirting boards, water pipes, plasterboards and boards are examined to the finest detail and written individually so as not to create a problem during installation. After all these processes are finished and your order is clear, the production is completed and our experienced team will get the appointment date for assembly from you. It will be delivered to you to make the house beautiful by the last day and hour. Use your laughing as you wish.

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Custom Designs by RayKonsept

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