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Decorate your home with Feng Shui

Decorate your home with Feng Shui

The place we live in is called ‘chi’, cosmic, metaphysical energies that affect us continuously and move around. Chi is constantly wandering quietly and unseen in the atmosphere. The Chinese describe this power as ‘the cosmic breath of the dragon’. Here is the aim of feng shui, to catch this energy will be most useful to us. Positive results can be seen immediately if applied correctly in the places where we live.

Chi Construction founder Sait Guler, “Our specialists make special analysis of the person’s energy map. It determines what kind of energy you need to be more efficient and powerful. They decide what changes should be made in life or work. In many western countries, these techniques have become quite widespread and the units operating on decoration benefit from this philosophy. ”

Decorate your home with Feng Shui

Chi Yapi Feng Shui analyst Ayman Sozakbayeva says, “As a result of the energy balance provided by Feng Shui, it has been observed that individuals are fed with positive emotions, bringing in peace, happiness, blessings and prosperity in the family.” Ayman Sozakbayeva sums up what we should pay attention to in the places we live:

A large portion of the energy in the east enters our house from the main entrance door. The direction of the door, the color, the opening of the hallway or the architectural form of the corridor are important elements for the introduction and spread of chi energy into the house. The colors can be decided after the orientation determination; it is possible to avoid the escape of the energy, and it is also possible to flow smoothly.

We spend a third of our life sleeping; so bedrooms have a big impact on our lives. Therefore, careful attention should be paid to the design of the bedroom. Bedrooms are soothing. Soft tones and round shaped objects should be used, since the main subject is the bed, it should never be placed against the door in any way.

Thus, energy does not come directly to sleepers. Bedrooms can be revitalized with red, which has a passion for love and warmth; red pillows, candles can be used. Because the mirrors create a sense of depth and the silhouettes they reflect can be perceived as foreign, they can create problems between pairs. Another active asset, television, should not be used in bedrooms because it prevents people from regaining their strength during sleep.

The color of the sheets should not be strictly blue or black. This can cause coldness between couples. The bed should be rectangular, leaning against a sturdy wall surface with a cap. The bed should not be placed in front of a window that does not cross or stiffen in the room. Once the numbers of pairs of kua (numbers calculated based on the birth date of the person and revealing our fortunate and unlucky directions on this count) are calculated, the necessary design for compliance in the bedroom can be made.

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Decorate your home with Feng Shui

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