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Decoration and Remodeling Contract Example

Decoration and Remodeling Contract Example

Decoration and renovation works are always considered to be complicated works with many buildings. But this can be overcome with certain contracts. We, as Architects at Home, will try to prepare the groundwork for you to work more reliably by presenting the examples of the correct renovation contracts.

Modification Contract Example

Note: The following contract can not be used by another company as it is used by Architects at home.

One party agrees to the work of __________________ by the Worker and __________________ from _______________________ at the address of the other party.

The Owner will process the address ____________________ at __________________.

The producer is obliged to do the work, _______ in accordance with this contract in accordance with the commitment and commitment.
____________________ Before the operation begins, half of the amount will be given to the producer immediately. ____________________ After the work is completed, the remaining amount will be given in cash by the owner to the producer.

The producer agrees and undertakes to start and finish the work within the hour … on the day after we have made the necessary measurements.

• The producer shall provide the necessary technical staff, qualified craftsman, assistant and worker as required by the job, and he or an official shall be in charge of the work.
• The producer is obliged to comply with the contract period specified in the contract.
• The producer undertakes not to damage existing constructions and third parties within the period of paint whitewash in accordance with this contract; otherwise it will be directly responsible for damages to existing construction within the house and to third parties.

  • the producer will follow the job.

This Convention shall be binding on all parties to the statutory and liquidated successors and shall have their jurisdiction with regard to their legal and current affairs. Istanbul courts are in charge of the disputes arising from the Convention.

The addresses given above are the addresses of the parties
This contract has been prepared in duplicate and has been signed by the parties on the date of ….


Name and Surname – Signature Name and Surname and Signature

Decoration and Remodeling Contract Example

Remodeling and Decoration Contract Example – 2

In the second example, we send a contract and a proposal sample to the pdf form. Here you can find a pdf example that tells exactly what your business is and how to do it. Here, of course, there is no validity of the proposal or contract because it is an example. contract example, you can download from your computer or phone immediately.

The two examples we have mentioned above are also prepared in different formats so that you can meet your needs as well. Especially, the examples cover many parameters from paint whiteness activities to complex interior

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Decoration and Remodeling Contract Example

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