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Design Revolution in Furniture from Kobi

The Turkish furniture sector, led by SMEs, succeeded in entering the top 5 in Europe for design and patent applicants.

The furniture sector, which sells 1 furniture to Italy, aims to export 10 billion dollars. The Turkish furniture sector has gained momentum in recent years with both production and export figures. 2.4 billion dollars in exports and 800 thousand dollars in imports of foreign trade with one of the rare sectors that gave the position. Despite all the unfavorable developments in our region, the furniture sector, which has achieved great success, is ranked 5th in Europe and 13th in the third quarter according to export figures. The target is to catch $ 10 billion in exports in 2023 and take place in Europe in the next 5 years and in the first 1.0 exporter country in the world. Another strength emerging in the last period of the industry is design. The furniture sector, which consists mostly of SMEs according to the latest figures, succeeded in entering the top 5 European countries in design and patent applications. The sector has succeeded in selling furniture to Italy, which has the most applications in this area.

Construction driving force
The Deputy Chairman of the Furniture Industry Businessmen Association and Chairman of the Chairman of Loda Furniture Davut Karaçak, who pointed out that the Turkish furniture sector is experiencing a rapid change process, said that the mobility in the housing sector is an important driving force.

The sector’s 2016 growth target was 15.5 percent

Karacak, regarding global targets, said: “The furniture sector grew by 12.6 percent in the past year. Growth of 15.5 percent is expected in 2016. The countries that receive the first 3 orders in exports are Iraq, Libya and Germany. Azerbaijan and France follow them. The US and other European countries, and especially the whole of the Middle East, Central Asia and Saudi Arabia are the target markets for our sector. ”

Design Revolution in Furniture from Kobi

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