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Different material and model options for balcony balustrades

Different material and model options for balcony balustrades

Wooden balcony railings are still one of the most preferred options all over the world, especially in rural areas, and for homes that have a landscape with plenty of greenery, and of course there is a very important reason for this popularity. Wooden balustrades are at the top of the economically advantageous options. But in addition to this aesthetically quite unusual texture is emerging.

Wooden balcony railings are the ideal choice for stone and wooden houses because you do not want to disrupt the look and texture with a non-natural product on a natural facade. Of course, reinforced concrete houses also have a natural touch, wood flooring and windows, rustic or tropical style decorations, and wooden fences are advantageous as a modern touch.

Besides the aesthetic qualities of wooden balustrades, it is not necessary to forget the disadvantages which are not very useful. Wooden material stands out as one of the most demanding materials for maintenance and renovation in railing materials. Wooden balustrades need to be sprayed frequently, varnished at regular intervals, since it is a very common situation that the wood used in the outdoors is infested and thus becomes more susceptible and damaged.

The most important disadvantage of wooden handrails is that the risk of skewing is much higher than in other materials. The wooden material, which is prone to be affected by rain and humid weather conditions, can be deformed if it is not made of wood of good quality, especially if it is used as a balcony scare and if maintenance is not done regularly. This, of course, is an unwanted feature on the railing. For those who have been looking for wood in recent years, wood-looking composite railing models are being produced for those who avoid the disadvantages of wood.

Different material and model options for balcony balustrades

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