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Excellent Decorations with Island Kitchen Models

Excellent Decorations with Island Kitchen Models

Excellent Decorations with Island Kitchen Models
The most popular kitchen decorations of recent times are made with island kitchen models. These kitchens are especially preferred abroad. It is also preferred in our country because it is useful and makes small areas even useful. The kitchens in our country are generally small. Instead of cooking in the kitchen, the dining area is now preferred. For this reason, island kitchens, which are seen as savior of small kitchens, have started to be produced in different models and designs. The most useful island kitchen models can be mentioned as follows;

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Island kitchen measurements

The distance between the island and the counter should be at least 110 cm. This should be about 125 cm since 2 persons will be in a corridor where two people will work at the same time. If there is a seating situation on the island, it is necessary to leave a distance enough to pass behind the chairs, it must be another 100 cm. We need to step on a piece of equipment (pots, knives, pans, etc.) that we may need while working on the island, but we must be able to extend it without extending it. The cabinets where we can put materials on all sides of the island should be drawers. Almost all of the activities in the kitchen are among these three products. So do not resort to the design of an article or kitchen that will never block you between these triangles.

What are the most preferred island culinary models;

  • Island kitchens are used independently of the kitchen module. In other words, the island kitchens can be designed as a table or coffee table in the kitchen.
  • If you want the island kitchens to be handy, you can opt for a wheelchair island kitchen. In this way, you can get next to your desk, or you can evaluate areas that you can take and where you want to go.
  • Another reason for the usefulness of these kitchen models is that they have cabinets and drawers at the bottom. On this side you can put your cooking utensils, pots or panes in these areas and open more space in your kitchen.
  • You can also use it as a dining table by putting pouf seats or chairs on the sides of the island kitchens.
  • Island kitchen models are diversified as rectangular, round or square. You can get great decorations with what’s available in your kitchen. When choosing these models, it is very important that you take care to be in harmony with your kitchen cabinets.

Excellent Decorations with Island Kitchen Models

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