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Exterior Coating Models and Types

Exterior Coating Models and Types

Exterior Coating Materials

Reflect the spirit of the space with the Exterior Wall Materials ! The garment that we wore is a garment that the exterior cloak is worn on the room as a reflection of our character. Exterior You can reflect your freedom of architectural design by using different material types and rich color options in Coating.

Wood Exterior Coating

The natural structure of the wood and its warm image makes it look like a part of nature. The wooden exterior is developed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of snow, rain, wind and provides an aesthetic image.

When applying the wooden exterior facade to the house, you can evaluate the color options by keeping up with the colors of the nature and considering the materials used in the architecture.

Glass Exterior Coating

Glass facade cladding ensures that the room looks prestigious from the outside, and they are often preferred because they raise heat losses from the center.


Terra Cotta, meaning terracotta, is produced industrially from clay and natural materials. Brick façade and Terracotta ‘s environmentally friendly qualities and economic benefits combined with excellent flexibility, light weight, fire resistance and freezing resistance make this material a modern and new trend.

Cement Based Exterior Coating

Cement or, in other words, concrete panel coating is the most preferred of industrial designs. Ultra lightweight natural concrete paneling makes it possible to characterize imaginative concrete designs outdoors.

Natural Stone Facade Coating

Natural stone facade cladding adds a unique shape to your home. Add aesthetic to your home in harmony with nature using different natural stone veneer options!

Laminate Exterior Coating

Although the laminate façade system contains different systems in itself, it provides a very elegant appearance by providing an external integrity. Thanks to its woody appearance and durable construction, it is one of the most preferred coating types of modern architecture.

Metal Exterior Coating

Metal Exterior Coating adds modernity to the appearance of your space with its characteristic stance.


Polycarbonate Facade Coating

Polycarbonate facade panels are produced on large facades in order to benefit from maximum light daylight. The polycarbonate facade coating gives you a very wide color palette. You can cheer up your spring and summer seasons!

Ceramic-Porcelain Exterior Wall Coating

The granite tiles produced in different colors and textures thanks to the ceramic façade look very elegant. It also allows for the use of heat insulation for some space between ceramic surface and reinforced concrete.

The facade cladding panels on the facade have an aesthetic appearance with alternative color options. No need for plaster or paint. Business centers and warehouses, sports halls, animal farms, shopping centers, industrial buildings, industrial structures can be used easily.

Sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel provides a very high level of heat, sound and water insulation that is used and does not require coatings like paint and plaster.

Today we gave you ideas on how to design the exterior of your room. You can ask us questions at any time and let us know your opinions.



Exterior Coating Models and Types

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