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Furniture Sector Wraps Up Losing Wounds in Tourism

The furniture industry can cover the loss of tourism losses Russia’s embargo applies to Turkey, began to adversely affect many sectors. For this reason, the support for the tourism sector in the implementation of packages in the days of foreign currency loss, other sectors may be closed, and the furniture sector in this pioneer could take on a pivotal task, Chairman Davut Karaçak’taki Loda Furniture came from.

“All exporting sectors focus on value added production, original design and branding on international markets, and in many sectors, especially tourism, Russia can compensate for the loss of foreign exchange, which could be the result of embargo,” he said. Russian crisis because of Turkey’s only the annual income loss in tourism 8.5 billion dollars to find that path allegations evaluating Khan, “This deficit is already $ 2.4 billion export performs Turkish Furniture Sector, 2023, which is 10 billion dollars, reaching the export target of almost will be compensated, “he said.

“Crisis comes with opportunities”
“The furniture sector was focused on the domestic market until 2000’s. The shaking of the balances in the world economy and the economic crises that came along were a turning point at the point where the Turkish furniture sector opened out, “said Davut Karaçak,” Russian embargo can be transformed into a living crisis. The Turkish furniture sector, which has implemented an expansionary policy in nearby markets, has increased its export figure from 300 million dolars to 2.4 million dolars in 15 years period. The sector, which has the capacity to do much better, has the infrastructure that can easily reach 10 billion dollars offered as the target of 2023. We need to invest in design, innovation and branding. ”

“We now produce furniture for developed countries”
Referring to the effect of the sector on the country’s economy, Karaçak said, “The furniture sector is one of the sectors with the lowest imports, with the highest employment. Turkey’s furniture exports of imported raw material industries in which at least enter the Aras, providing a significant source of entry to the national economy. Today, the furniture sector is one of the dominant sectors that dominate the economy in countries that have a say in the world. ”

Economy Newspaper is quoted from the 25 February 2016 publication.

Furniture Sector Wraps Up Losing Wounds in Tourism

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