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Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

According to most of us, perhaps the most important part of the house is a freeze. The hall, where everything from wall tile to furniture, accessories to lighting is important, is indeed the most beautiful part of the character of a house and your host. Whether you prefer comfort and sultry and choose a , you can end your decor with a large armchair, a television and coffee table; you can use every little detail and space until the end to create wonders. You can add shelves to your walls, use big and small mirrors, add a different atmosphere with different lighting models, use your creativity differently as you have to have a dinner table, and you can cover your walls with a wallpaper covered with huge stones. Indeed, you have an endless choice of hall decoration . So where do you start this business, how will you know the architectural feature of your salon, how do you find the right material and the right style of decoration? We are also aiming to find the answer to all these questions in this post. You will get help from your business specialist to get to know your room better, explore the halls with different architectural features, learn more different interior architecture styles than you expect and choose the best from them. Our real architects and interior architects have studied the living room for you.

Rustic Style Salon Decoration

The living room, which is also known as the living space in our homes, is a commonly used space in the house. A versatile space can be designed with the style to be chosen for the decoration of the room we use for purposes such as seating, television viewing, guest hospitality.

The rustic style is one of the most suitable choices if the living area is looking for a simplicity, naturalness, comfort, or a decoration that is the front planer. In the rustic style, a symbol of nature, natural stone, brick and wood are used to create a warm, friendly atmosphere in the living room. Natural, less processed or aged products should be preferred when applying this style. In the walls there are brick or stone-looking veneers, upholstered parquet floors, comfortable natural sofas, simple sofa sets, linen fabrics. Natural tones in the colors of the tree may be preferred when choosing colors. There are also cost-effective versions, such as expensive examples of rustic style.

Industrial Style Decoration

Another style is the industrial style, which is used to transform old factories into dwellings, but today it is effortless and cool style that can easily be applied in living spaces. Generally, concrete and steel are used in the style, the building system of the building and the metal pipes are not hidden. Since the originality is the frontal plan, the intervention should not be made on the wall and the floor. The walls can be plastered, concrete, stone or brick. In furnitures, products such as linen, leather, blackboard in cabinet and cabinet doors, and writing elements in tables or fabrics can be used. The choice of color can be prefered in gray, gray and brown in the nose.

A suggestion, a combination of the rustic style with the naturalness and warmth of the industrial style, can have a modern, distinctive and impressive saloon. This style can easily be achieved by combining metal and old, less machined wood.


Interior architecture ; art, nature and time. The designer succeeds to the extent that every concept, as well as cultural texture, abstract and concrete concepts, can be approached by considering all of the intellectual components. In this writing, we examine the works of the designers who cultivate two different cultural touches. We take up the work of Jean Louis Deniot, who created tempered materials and textures with subtle color palettes, soft voices and flawless lighting, and the work of David Bastos, who creates spaces that capture the elegance of blending old and new.

French Style Salon Decoration

Jean Louis Deniot is also able to trace the traces of French culture. Soft has created a certain balance between colors. The balance has created a focus with colors and materials at several different points, using the advantage of toning on the surface. The balance has been chosen as a form and color as supportive colors for the seating areas to create a soft and inviting effect on the floor.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

Natural Hall Decoration

In the David Bastos hall, we see how nature integrates into the interior and let’s take a look at how it provides it. The interior has defined a space in the plants and besides it has moving furniture colors and earth-nature colors. In such places, there is usually no need to explode in color transitions. The emotions that are wanted to be felt when you are welcoming and sitting are taken into consideration.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

Industrial Style

If you are squeezed from the classic lines in the salon decoration, industrial style decoration, which is especially popular in recent years, may be just for you. We can also see small-scale spaces that have started with the transformation of old factories into living spaces. Metal, concrete, brick and wood are the most basic materials used in the industrial style. It is also possible to apply loft type apartments in apartment buildings where we can see concrete and metal surfaces accompanied by brick or stone-lined walls.

Brick Decoration and Industrial Style

For brick-wall look, you can start by covering your walls with brick panels or three-dimensional brick wallpapers. If you have a small salon, you can get a fresh look with brick on the side walls and white color on the pan as you can see.

Detailed Industrial Style of Marble and Wood

You can carry the industrial style to your home by using concrete or wood-like finish materials on the floor. The metal and copper details are very important in this style, which displays the materials clearly. Therefore, we recommend that you leave your electricity and plumbing pipes open and prefer your metal for your upholstery and decorations. You can complete the industrial look with metal lighting fixtures, aged wooden furniture, leather or linen seats and large writing tables.

Minimalist Living Areas

It is possible to find the calmness that we seek when we get out of the daily life of city life and rest, with our living spaces created in minimalist style.
The famous motto of Mies van der Rohe, one of the leaders of modern architecture, is “Less is more”, one of the very essence of describing minimalism.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

Farnsworth House – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

What does it mean less?

It is possible to move away from unnecessary things as much as possible in our living spaces and our lives, not to use products that are not enough and not more than necessary, and to make our complicated and crowded lives easier by using less articles . Thus, while living in smaller spaces that are a result of contemporary life, we can make ourselves spend more time by leaving our regulatory affairs and habits that we spend a lot of time without paying attention to.

How is it minimalist?

First, get rid of the “unused” excesses in the areas you are constantly using. Instead of having many decorative items on the same floor, you can use only your favorite ones as a placeholder highlighter

When adopting minimalism, be careful not to create cold interiors where the soulless and the same tones are used. The venue must be your emphasizing your words and colors.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects


Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style, which brings comfort and nobility together, adorns the habitats of people with a colorful and more free spirit by benefiting from the harmony of contrast. We have to be as free and creative as possible, not to be afraid of using different styles first because we can catch bohemian air in the saloons we design as living spaces of houses. We can use the walls that make up the architectural texture of the place as colored, patterned, antique, or stone. In furniture selection, more comfortable, convenient, vintage seats and wooden tables and chairs are used. Bohemian style is a must to integrate furniture depending on the creativity of the people. The colorful pillows and cushions of the seats; their tassels, beads and laces. The rug on the floor, the straw mat of the window, the ethnic painting on the wall; antique radio on the tables, photographic machine, old books in the library, etc. The bohemian style fills a space consisting of integrating differently valued pieces with artistic concern; natural, creative and free …

Minimalist Style

Minimalism, which emerges as the simplest geometry, the search for perfection by neutralizing the use of colors, or even neutralizing the use of color, has become an indispensable style of home decorations for those who find simplicity , peace, joy and beauty. Minimalism, which is based on the philosophy of ‘Minority, multiplicity ..’, is an example of the architectural spaces we often use ‘little but self’. You can create more space for yourself at home by avoiding unnecessary decorations by choosing functional and comfortable furniture to catch this style in your living room. Thus, you can create an impressive and stylish image by making your halls look more spacious and spacious . For those who find themselves in simplicity, you should opt for modern lighting, natural light, plenty of space and simple colors, rather than flashy hunts in your room.

In this writing, where our real architects and interior architects talk about different and familiar living room styles, we also want you to learn the most appropriate decoration example for your own salon. We have studied hall styles and decoration examples with different and different features such as industrial style, rustic style, minimalist style and French style.


Rustic means “giving the appearance of a village” and industrial is “industrial”. Now, while we are trying to change something or produce something new, none of us come to use completely natural materials or use it in a different function with a new arrangement. The rustic style, which is a flow that has entered my life too much recently, where I have been in a place, in a head, in a bard, in fact,

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

Rustic Style

The first thing that comes to mind in the rustic sense is naturalness, so the materials used are as natural as possible. Untreated wood, gross concrete, screed floors and massive handmade objects are the first examples that come to mind … We are faced with elegance that is natural, that looks and comforts are frontal, that is from simplicity, away from show. In this design, which generally includes wooden materials, modernity can be kept together in a natural way by using metal details beside the use of wood, armrests and lighting elements and metal details . While these preferences are being made, the budget can be complemented with seat carpets and other accessories, starting from the floor without removing the spots.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

Industrial Style

Industrial-designed interiors are cold places that are reminiscent of factories, as the name implies. The use of heavy metal in these spaces can be achieved with a hand machine and a welding machine, in the same way as the gross concrete and wood. It is not too difficult to carry the style that is preferred in places such as café, restaurant, architecture offices and bars usually.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

– it is important to keep the ceilings as they are, to keep the ceilings high and naked.
– the walls must be brick or concrete, the stone walls can be browsed.
– again, the use of stone or concrete in the ground will be most appropriate, but it can also be oriented to wood.
– the colors can be as gray black brown as possible, burgundy, occasionally available in small tiny warm colors.
– things; they must be rustic, they must be old, not new.

In this writing, we have informed our interior designers and architects about your understanding and style of your salon. If you are interested in simplicity, comfort and nature, and if you like to use stone details in your home, rustic style, industrial style to get minimalist style, a more marginal appearance, if you want to use everything in the least measure and get all the unnecessary goods to get the fittness, if you want to taste different approaches french style, If you have a dynamic spirit Bohemian style is for you. Now when you are laying your house, you will learn more about the salon decoration style that suits you and you will act accordingly by choosing the style you think is suitable for you. For example, if the industrial style is closer to you, you will use concrete, metal or wood on your wall and choose your furniture according to it, or you will get rid of all the unnecessary details in your home, if you are better suited to minimalism.

If you have decided to decorate your salon, you can read our to choose the most striking style of wall painting.

Hall Styles and Decoration Recommendations from Architects and Interior Architects

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