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Heating the Banyoy in the winter

Heating the Banyoy in the winter

Usually the tiles covered bathrooms are one of the coldest rooms in the house. banyoyu ısıtmak gibi yeni bir işin ortaya çıkması kaçınılmaz olabilir. It is inevitable that a new job such as heating the banyeos will emerge with the addition of frequent ventilation due to dampness . Especially if the idea of ​​getting out of your warm bed in the morning and heading to an ice-cold bath makes it difficult to get away from your room, glancing at some of the solutions will alleviate this stress somewhat.

Heating the Banyoy in the winter

Attention to the windows

Even when the bathroom window is closed, the hot air inside can escape and cause cold air to enter. In order to know if there is such a leak, on a cold day you just have to move your hand around the frame. If you notice cold air inside, you can prevent air leakage with insulating materials such as window strips / sponges . If cracks and voids are formed at the places where the frame is joined to the wall, they can also be filled with silicone.

Heating the Banyoy in the winter

One of the house areas where the outdoors have the greatest effect in winter is the glass surfaces or windows. This is one of the main reasons for the terrains in windows. The hot air in the interior causes it to sweat when it encounters the cold glass. In the same way, the cold window also reduces the temperature of the room. As a precaution, the bathroom window can be covered with glass film. Since there is often a small or small window in the bathrooms, this type of practice will not strain the budget.

Cold Floor

Bath floors are usually tiled, ceramic covered and become cold in the winter months. The thicker bathroom floor and the long hairy bath mats / carpets will at least prevent you from printing on this cold floor. Banyoyu carpet is not the right choice, but you can get more than one mop while keeping in mind the places you are most pressing.

Of course, those who will not escape from any masculine to heat the bathtub can of course solve the problem by installing a floor heating system in the bathroom.

Shower hot water

We are citizens of the conscious world, and we are not on the side neither in the bathroom nor in the kitchen. For that reason, we should not run away excessively while heating the bathtub with the steam of water by running hot water for a few minutes before entering the shower during cold winter days. We do not want to go out in the hot shower in winter and the bath time is normal. For all these reasons, you should replace your shower head with a new, modern, conservative model.

Heating the Banyoy in the winter

Heater / Heater Infrared Lamps

Bathrooms can use safely, the infrared that infrared technology ‘heating lamps’ (heater lamp she is going through) is not yet very common in Turkey but gradually building market and the proliferation of online stores began to come up. Great electrician sells these products. In addition to lighting these lamps, it can provide warmth of the canyon and dryness of the noodles quickly.

However, if you get these lamps, do not neglect an electrical consultant to install it. Voltage requirement, installation for bathroom etc. may differ from normal lamps. Of course, it is better to have a separate electric key for this lamp in order not to overload the electricity bill . So you do not need to burn in every bathroom entrance.

Thermal Insulation Paints

Renewing the canyon paint can be beneficial both in terms of giving a fresh look to the bathroom and saving heat. Many products produced in the feature that protect the inside heat and prevent humidity have entered the market. You can find out which ones are best for you by consulting the authorized company or by reading the comments of users who share their experiences on various forums on the Internet.

Heating the Banyoy in the winter

Banyoda Radiator / Towel

Maybe it’s not a new solution, but sometimes it works under the capacity of the radiator in the room and if you do not notice it, it can cause the canyon to get slightly warm. If the radiator in the room is old or damaged, you might consider renewing. Adding a towel to the bathroom (towel heater – radiator) is another way of submerging the air in the bathroom. Those who grow up in the plumbing business can search for electric towels.

Warning: Do not put electric stove or heater in the bathroom!

Do not even mind the idea of ​​heating with one of the electric heating cabinets or portable stove models in the winter months. The risk of electric shock should not be forgotten when water and humidity are considered in the bathroom. There is also limited space for movement in the bathrooms. You may also be exposed to fire hazards if you crash or knock down your towels.

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Heating the Banyoy in the winter

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