It is not hard to guess the first names that come to mind in fashion. The heart of the fashion scene is the cities of New York, London, Paris and Stockholm, all of which are at the forefront of loft architecture. As for architecture, Istanbul has already become a rival to these cities.

Loft apartments, which stand out for their simple, modern and convenient living spaces, are a rising trend in the recent selection of luxury apartments. Loft apartments, which are usually created by transforming industrial areas, garages or hangars into living spaces, have begun to be included in luxury projects as demand increases. These apartments, which are usually lofts, are becoming an attractive option with minimum wall usage, sunlight being used as much as possible and mezzanine floors. Chairman of Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçak shared his opinion about the loft trend that stamped his house decorations this summer.

At the décor, the Loft apartments stand out with the wood.

We can say that the loft architecture that is identified with history in Europe and more often seen in crowded cities, is becoming more and more popular even though the meeting of our country is not based on very old ones. There is a free understanding in the decoration of these apartments. What needs to be done to achieve a masked structure in this style is; to give vintage retro fabrics and leather-domed upholstery … so that the dynamic appearance of the combination of masculine and vintage styles emphasizes the authenticity of the loft architect. Chester effects, especially applied to the arm parts of your seat, will add a very characteristic look to the decoration. One of the most important elements in the loft decoration is lighting. A good loft style large and beautiful lighting needs to be used.

Chairman of Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçak gives special tips for those who want to catch different influences at home with small touches :

With the hot face of the sun showing, energy and motivation are increasing in the summer. The arrival of the summer also increases the need for individuals to add color and movement. Color scales, patterns, designs in different forms, especially in furniture and decorations, which vary according to the season, can make it difficult to choose between those who want to carry summer energy and spiritual home. In this case, users can start by bringing together temperature, depth and texture to the area they are in. While the shades of the sun for temperature are an ideal choice, it is ideal to have a color integrity with the formal features of the objects for depth and texture.

For living rooms and dining rooms;

It is possible to create a dynamic image in your living space by using sofas in which the living room is dominated by vibrant colors or patterned upholstery. Especially you can try to use warm tones such as yellow, green, blue, orange. If you have an area where the dining and living room are together and you do not plan to change your sofas, you can bring your sandals in different forms to your writing home. Wooden dining tables are a great decoration proposal, especially for summer aylan. Wooden tables, chairs made of different materials, and benches which are the favorites of this season can be used together. To add depth to seating areas and create a spacious appearance; a light color paint can be applied to the walls. Another possibility is to create a balanced contrast in small spaces thanks to the walls of one part being light and the other part being painted in pastel tones. It is also useful to position the furniture parallel to the wall. So you can carry the freshness and freshness of spring into your living space. Keep in mind that selected items for loft home decor can be industrial wood mix furniture, these furniture will add a nice touch to your space. Lighting is one of the most important elements of the environment. The choice of lighting according to the characteristics of the apartments will also vary. If you live in a loft, modern, rustic, country or retro-decorated house, your lighting choice can be a metal front panel. The coldness of the metal is broken by the light, and the interior has a warm atmosphere. The libraries, which are designed in geometric form and openly, will change the air of your home. Wooden bookshelves leaning against the concrete walls will move around. In summer, it is not wrong to mention the dominance of the eclectic line in the decor. In other words, instead of the products in the same line, different designs and products in the same color, you can adapt to the same environment. With regard to bookshelf, you can choose products that dance color and design. If you say you want a very small change, you can also start with a stool. Decorative stools, like the jokes of living spaces … Decorative stools. It can be used as a stand or as a coffee table. For spring decorations, you can start by picking wood with needle-pegs and stools in different colors. If you use the stool as a coffee table, do not forget to place fresh spring plants on it.

Harmony in your home with the complementary effect of the accessory

The essentials of summer decorations are mirrors, tables and decorative accessories … Mirror is a necessary decoration product as well as adding depth to the room. So you have to include mirror in your living spaces. When choosing the mirror, I suggest you do not give up the design. Instead of classic mirrors, mirrors designed in the characteristic form of wood and metal materials can guide your preference. The colors used on the tables must be in integrity with the wall colors. The accessory is home makeup. You can make small touches with accessories without disturbing the naturalness of your home. The dry branches you set up with the vase in the form of a bottle form a magnificent image. It’s worth trying. Finally, do not forget the candles …

Decor was published in July 2016.


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