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How Does Bad Odor Cause Occurrence?

How Does Bad Odor Cause Occurrence?

One of the most troublesome problems that will escape the air of your sparkling house is the smell in the bathroom. To get rid of these bad smells you can not find where you come from, there are no apparent reasons to pour olive oil, clog the bags with sandbags or burning smoke in the bathroom. Finding out why bad smell is caused at the bar is a step that should not be missed to reach a definitive solution.

How Does Bad Odor Cause Occurrence?

Obstacles to Sewage Expenses / Pipes

The waste water such as washbasins, closets, bathtubs are clogged and dirty water can not be drained as needed, causing all kinds of waste accumulated in the pipes to spread bad smell throughout the bathroom. If you notice that the water does not go fast enough or accumulates in the water tank while you are bathing outside the bad smell, or while washing your face in the sink, you can still understand that a blockage is the problem.

Why are the charges clogged? There are many reasons such as throwing toilet paper, paper towels or other foreign bodies into the sewage costs, accumulation of body residues such as hair, leather, frequent drainage of oil or oily wastes, sloping drainage pipes, inconveniences in the apartment or the whole apartment, .

Banyodaki tıkanıklıklarda başvurulan en geleneksel araçlardan biri olan lavabo pompasını küçümsemeyin. Solution 1: Do not underestimate the sink pump, which is one of the most traditional vehicles resorted to in the bottlenecks. It is quite possible that the pressure and vacuum effect of the sink pump will cause an unexpected blockage. In toilets , you can try the unblocking teller, which is called expiration or canal opening .

Marketlerde satılan tıkanıklık açıcı (lavabo açıcı, banyo açıcı diye bildiğimiz) kimyasal çözeltiler , tıkanıklık sorunu eğer fazla ilerlememişse, tıkalı boruyu açmakta işinize yarayabilir. Solution 2: The chemical solutions that are open in the market (we know that the sink is opener, the bathroom opener), the problem of congestion can work if you open the clogged pipe if it does not go too far. Read the operating instructions on these products before using them immediately and use the materials as indicated. Incorrect or excessive use of chemical products may permanently damage the plumbing. Also take care to absorb these products.

Tesisatta bir sorun olması fikri çoğumuzun korkulu rüyasıdır çünkü banyonun kırılıp dökülmesi gibi bir olasılık ortaya çıkar. Solution 3: If there is a problem in the installation, the idea is that the majority is a fearful dream because there is a possibility that the canyon will break down. In recent years, however, the number of plumbing companies using the camera system to find out where the bottleneck is originating has increased considerably. Thanks to these various imaging devices and robotic technology, without asking for the location of the bottleneck, the stage, and why it is welded without breaking the tile, the bathroom is answered without pollution at all. You can communicate with installation companies close to you, and you can communicate with companies that offer camera installation solutions over the Internet.

How Does Bad Odor Cause Occurrence?

Non-use of Waste Water Pipes and Fittings in Bathroom Installations

This may be the source of bad odor in the bathroom if the fragrance cutter is not used and the fittings are not used. There are always some amount of water in these folded parts which are given various names such as cuffed pipe , camel neck, es pipe , S pipe. The accumulation of water here creates an obstacle for the gases and bad odors that come from behind the pipe and the installation. The gases encountered with water can not go up and the smell is prevented.

In the washbasin or toilet system, the dewatering should be supplemented with additional parts so that it is not completely water-free .

Tesisatın yenilenmesi, pis su giderlerinin uygun parçalarla desteklenmesi kötü kokular için kökten çözüm olabilir. Solution: Renewal of the installation, supporting the waste water with appropriate parts can be a fundamental solution for bad smells. You can get detailed information about the installation from your contractor or a plumber. For most tenants, it may not be possible to renew the installation, in which case the odorant mouths should be kept as close as possible and the canyon should be frequently ventilated. You can also take advantage of our article titled ‘ ‘.

No Water in Floor Filters

The floor drains on the bathroom floor have a water reservoir called a siphon . If the floor is not frequently drained from the strainer, the water in this sauna evaporates over time and the bad odors come out to the bathroom because they do not come across a water hammer. The same logic applies to bath tubs. If the bathtub is not used frequently or if there is a fault, bad smells will spread around because there is no continuous water under the drain of the bathtub.

Yer süzgeciniz eski mi, kapaklı mı, kapaklıysa su haznesinde çatlak var mı, su gerektiği gibi burada kalıyor mu kontrol edin. Solution: Check that your floor strainer is old, covered, if there is a crack in the water tank, stay in the water as needed. If there is no cover on your seat, be sure to attach a water-proof cover to these places. Have your bath room checked out. Take care that there is water in the water reservoir underneath it.

Most Causes and Causes of Bad Odor in Bathrooms

  • Apartmanda apartments must have a ventilation pipe extending from the wastewater pipes to the roof. If there is no ventilation extension, if the extension is temporary or clogged, bad odors will fill the bathroom.
  • There should be no space where the closet connects to.
  • There should be no space at the exit of the washing machine , the spaces at the exit should be covered with silicone.
  • The lines that go on the bathroom installation should not be flat, inclined .
  • There should be no cracks in pipe fittings or cracks in pipe fittings, pipes should not leak.
  • The wastewater and wastewater connection must be made with standard rubber seals (ES) to prevent ingress of odor in the alaturka toilets.
  • Garbage in the ventilation area of the apartment may cause bad odors to enter the bathroom without venting waste-like contaminants.
  • The building should be airy .
  • There should not be leakage in sewage pipes .

In addition to the above information, you can share your experiences and suggestions with us in our comments section.

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How Does Bad Odor Cause Occurrence?

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