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How to Clean After Modification and Construction?

How to Clean After Modification and Construction?

If you want to clean your home without getting professional support to clean up the pollution that will occur in your home after construction and renovation, it will be very easy for you to do it by following the steps we have prepared for you. The cleaning of the building and renovation is a deterrent to the eye, and if you plan to go ahead, the jobs will be under your control as you wish.

How do I do general cleaning in 12 steps?

We want to give you information about general cleaning before we tell the cleaning categories.

  1. The garbage that is formed after the construction and filled with bags and the municipality is informed about the garbage collection.
  2. In the beginning, rough debris of the floor, ie rubble and mortar remains are cleaned.
  3. Later on, the wastes of the construction debris left in place and the pieces falling from the plots are scraped.
  4. In order to clean the traces of the ceiling paint on the walls, it is necessary to go up and scrape with the help of a ladder.
  5. The bands and mortar residues on the windows are softened with special chemicals and scraped with a glass scraper.
  6. Residues such as paint, gypsum and mortar are cleaned with chemical scraper without damaging the floor with chemical medicines.
  7. Mortar residues on floors or tiles should be softened first with specially prepared chemical content if there are stains such as paint, then gently scratch them without damaging the floor.
  8. The inside and outside of the kitchen cabinets should be cleaned beautifully.
  9. Bathrooms and toilets must be thoroughly cleaned with chemicals to ensure full hygiene.
  10. Walls that can be wiped without damaging should be erased (eg: bathroom walls).
  11. If there are mortar residues stuck between joints, they are softened with suitable chemicals and cleaned by brushing without damaging the joints.
  12. In the last step, the places should be cleaned thoroughly.

It will be easier to concentrate on regional cleanups once you have finished your general cleanup. We advise you to adopt a sense of hygiene that is usually peculiar to you.

How do I clean tiles in 5 steps?

  1. First of all, when starting to clean the tiles, we strongly urge you to use a mask to prevent dust from sticking to your throat.
  2. Glass and other ventilation ducts must be opened to clean out the dust and facilitate the removal of dust from the environment.
  3. The dust that has entered the tiles must be vacuumed with a strong broom.
  4. After sweeping, dirt and mortar residues are removed with the help of a damp cloth.
  5. After cleaning the tiles, the floor is cleaned and finished.

How to Clean Tile Joint Cleaning with Laundry Water?

  1. Since you are using a chemical substance, you should wear a mask and take care of the air by opening the windows.
  2. If you are using bleach or stain remover, rub with a toothbrush.
  3. When you finish scrubbing, rinse with plenty of water.

How to Clean the Water Stove on the Tiles?

We recommend you to use vinegar or carbonates to clean the water stains on the tiles.

  1. Mix vigorous and warm water in equal quantities.
  2. The mixture we have prepared is applied on the tile adhesive and other stains with a cloth and then it is waited for half an hour.
  3. The dishwasher in your home should be rubbed with a sponge or bath brush.
  4. After the scrubbing process is completed, it is thoroughly rinsed and dried.
  5. If you choose to use carbonates, the process will take less time for you to complete. After preparing the water mixture with the carbonate, apply it to the spot where it is stain and wait for 10 minutes, then it will be enough to rinse and dry.

How to Clean After Painting?

If you want your paint whitewashing to be easier and shorter, you should thoroughly protect your items before you start to paint, and you should wear a linoleum. Now let’s look at the steps we need to follow for cleaning after paint finishes are finished.

  1. After finishing the paint operation, take care of the brushes and rollers you use.
  2. If you prefer water-based dyes, you can wash with a clean warm water.
  3. You can clean the oil paint using a suitable solvent.
  4. You can clean it using the oil that is suitable for the oil painting.
  5. Be careful to use plastic gloves while running the tin.
  6. Do not use thinner to clean your hands.

Today, as an architect at home we have responded to you asking how you can clean the pollution that occurred during construction or renovation. We hope that these answers are gathered under 5 different headings and you have easily found yourself in a peaceful and clean house. If you have any other questions that you have in mind, you can always ask questions that we can reach the Architect at home.

How to Clean After Modification and Construction?

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