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How to paint interior doors? Tips

How to paint interior doors? Tips

You may want to make changes from time to time in your home, especially if you have to paint in various areas to incorporate colors that will add a new breath to your home. If you want to change the interior door colors in your home, and you need clues, you can find the details that will guide you in our writing.

How is the interior door painted? What should be considered when painting the door?

1-) Prepare yourself a study area

Make preparations before painting by spreading nylon brochures that are ready to be painted on the bottom of the door. Afterwards, you should remove the door knobs and locks and make the door ready for dressing. There is no need to remove the hinges from the door when painting the interior door. Remove the door knocker and locks if possible, so that each area can be painted.

2-) Prepare the surface of the door with sandpaper

For smooth and smooth painting, beautifully sand the surface of the door to make the surface of the door as smooth as possible. For sanding you can use fine sandpaper. In addition, there is a lot of varnish on the surface of the door, which is an obstacle to the permanence of the paint. For better adhesion of the paint to the surface, sanding is the most important point for a healthy painting.

3-) Choose the right paint brush

While painting the interior door, your brush choices can make your work harder and easier. Choosing the right paint brush will bring a more practical coloring in this sense. Let’s say you are going to paint a flat door without panels and curtains and we recommend you to use 4 rollers of 10 cm paint brush or small roller. If you want to paint panel doors, you have to use a brush of 2 cm or 5 cm. If you inform the dealer about the size and structure of the door when buying the paint, we will give you a suitable paint brush.

4-) A little tip: Moisten the surface

A small hint to increase the paint’s drying time is to moisten the door surface to remove brush marks as far as possible. However, it is necessary to pay attention to moisturizing the surface of the door with a sponge yada cloth (without wetting).

5-) First step: Primer

When painting the inner door, after the sanding process, it is necessary to apply the lining in order to make the paint more permanent and to close completely. Firstly, choosing a quality primer is very important for better quality and smooth painting. On wooden surfaces, primer should be applied before painting and drying should be expected. If you look after the primer, the appearance may be insufficient for you, but it will be enough to coat 1 coat of quality primer.

6-) Now you are ready to work!

You have gone to the last stage, only to apply the color door you want. At this stage we will have a few suggestions for you. Apply as much paint as possible to the surface with equal and wide strokes. Do not go over the area you paint as much as possible, if you do, you can distribute the paint and leave brush marks. Wait for all of the door to dry after it is painted. Unless you’re dry, you can go through the second door. For interior doors, paint specialists recommend that you apply 2 coats of paint, so you can get your job done by doing this.

How to paint interior doors? Tips

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