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How to Stick a Falling Kitchen Countertop?

How to Stick a Falling Kitchen Countertop?

How is the falling kitchen counter sink located among the questions of our followers ? Today we wanted to answer the question in detail. There is a questionable sinking in the old kitchens. So let’s start with the kitchen countertop sink in the first place. It is a problem that is often seen in untreated and non-refurbished kitchens for many years. The problem of kitchen countertop sinking, the main reasons for this are the long-time use and especially the adhesives used in marble countertops.

In general, when we look at old-style kitchens, the glued kitchen sinks are affixed with an adhesive called akemi, an adhesive used by many masters to fix the sink, a marble adhesive with a long duration of durability for prolonged use even if the acne is known as marble adhesive. Acmi marble adhesive loses its effect with some reasons over time and loses its strength over time due to the weight gain in the kitchen sink. The acute marble glue is used to instantly fix both marbles and natural stones, but as we mentioned, it is not a suitable glue for a long-term use.

How to Attach the Fallen Kitchen Counter Washbasin

için öncelikle aşama aşama aşağıda anlatılanları uygulayabilirsiniz. You can apply the following steps in order to paste the kitchen sink’s Fallen Sink first. Sanding can be a wire on the floor, clean the falling kitchen sink and under the counter (the portions of the sink) beautifully sanded. You should make sure that there is no trace or residue from the old glue in any way, and you should be sure that the falling sink and the area of ​​the bench to be bonded are wet. Dry the wet floors by blowing hot air with a dry cloth or flat knife. You should apply the same procedures for both marble worktops and granite worktops.

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We will clean the marble countertop and the falling sink before we start to fix it with silicone adhesive. You can easily find many effective silicone adhesives in the market. Place the silicon you purchase in the silicon gun and tighten it in straight strips without any gaps on the sides of the sink that need to stick. After this process, place the silicon sink into the kitchen countertop and secure it for drying. The workbench that you stick with marble silicone should be fixed with household furniture and wait at least 4-5 hours. In this phase, 5 hours is enough for the drying of silicone, but if you are sure that you have dried up, we will not use the loom for at least one day.

For gluing cracked marble countertops

You can easily apply the above method and materials for granite countertops in cracked marble. If the cracks on the granite countertop on the marble floor welded for a long period of time are broken, you can repair it by using the marble silicon in the same way. Broken kitchen countertops in the cracked area shorten the life of the kitchen cabinets and cause you problems both in terms of usage and in terms of material. Because of these cracks, kitchen cabinets come into contact with water and start to decay over time. In these cases, it is also advisable to adhere these damaged areas with silicone and prevent the container from coming into contact with water.

How to Stick a Falling Kitchen Countertop?

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