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Interior Architecture Programs Most Used by Interior Architects

Interior Architecture Programs Most Used by Interior Architects

Interior architecture is a work of knowledge and skill. In addition to having good communication with people, interior architecture programs should be used correctly. We will try to tell you the programs that interior architects use the most in our content as Home Architects. I hope you are informative.

Interior Architecture Programs and Best Architectural Programs

It is necessary to be prepared visually to realize interior architecture activities. In order to make good presentations from visual maintenance, it is necessary to do these programs. Let’s start introducing the programs to you without losing too much time.

3DS Max Interior Architecture Program

3Ds Max is a very detailed and detailed program in use. With 3DS Max, you can create images that are very close to reality. Although its use and learning is a bit more difficult than other programs, it is an interior architecture program that is challenging as a result. can be transformed into beautiful visuals via 3DS Max.

3DS Max Design Examples

Below you can see 3DS Max designs from successful interior designers from around the world. You can see here that each design carries out a lot of work in consideration of many details.

Autocad Interior Architecture Drawing and Design Program

Autocad is a program specifically designed to create plans. Especially in the calculations of square meters, the Autocad program is used for the creation of the workmanship and the planning of the works. According to 3DS Max program, Autocad can be expressed as a much easier program.

Examples of Autocad Design

Below is a sample of design examples made with the AutoCAD program . Autocad examples from many different interior architects can be an inspiration for you, your home.

Sketchup Interior Architecture and Design Program

Sketchup is a design program created by Google. Google engineers have come up with the Sketchup program to create especially 3D designs. You can try the Sketchup program, especially if you want to get an easy and fast output in a design sense. Learning the program can be expressed more easily compared to other interior architecture programs .

Sketchup Design Examples

Sketchup is especially used in 3D object designs. We also compiled the most beautiful objects designed for you as Home Architects for you. The program tells the program correctly.

Cinema 4D Design Program

Cinema 4D is especially preferred when it is necessary for the design to be strong. Cinema 4D program can be requested in the interior design of the companies that offer dealers in concept designs. The program, which has quite different designs, is also used by the film industry.

Cinema 4D Design Examples

Cinema 4D program provides better view than other programs. We also want to support this with visuals. For this reason we have compiled a collection of Cinema 4D design examples. I hope you will like it.



Completely free and open source, and working on many operating systems, BLENDER is a step ahead, and many have access to it. With its many features, it also offers the easiest way to do the job for its users. The Blender render engine in the Blender program is the render engine you can use if you are just getting started. Its quality is as good as other 3D modeling programs. Here are a few examples you can look at.

Blender Design Examples


It is one of the 3D design programs for architects.

ArchiCAD, initially started to be produced for Apple computers, was later built in the Microsoft platform. Turkish support is also available. It has many modules in it.

ArchiCAD is often compared to the Revit program, but it is available in the features that the user benefits from in the Achicad program. You can use the ArchiCAD program when you are drawing an architectural project, ArchiCAD is also leading in project detailing

ArchiCAD Design Examples

SolidWorks Program

Particularly used in object designs, the SolidWorks program multiplies your inner architecture as an efficient tool that allows you to easily design objects. But its widespread use somewhat reduces its value among other programs.

In this article, we try to give you some information about the interior architecture programs most used by interior architects. You can find the information you need in our content. If you have any concerns about the subject, you can contact us at the comments section, and you can contact the House Architect at any time.


Interior Architecture Programs Most Used by Interior Architects

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