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Interior Renovation Ideas from Interior Architects 11 Beautiful Advice

Interior Renovation Ideas from Interior Architects 11 Beautiful Advice

Defeating the house, living in a better place is one of the greatest dreams of every person. In order to realize this dream, we all do research about home decoration , we examine interesting examples by how we can make our home better. We, as a team of architects at home, have compiled a recommendation from our interior designers for you. In this post we have created under the heading of home renovation ideas , instead of giving away suggestions, we gave you a place where you can make appropriate fiyata. I hope you will have an inspiring, home-changing content for you.

1- Start by Coloring Your Work Wall

You can start your home renovations by coloring your walls. Because the walls are the defining feature of your home decor, the paint colors you choose will help you with your other home renovation needs. If you are thinking of a house in minimalist style and you want to create a different atmosphere in your home while you are thinking of colors like ice white, meerschaum, sea breeze, melancholy, you can experience different paint whiteness like lacquer color,

2- Changing Floors Important Steps for Home Renovation

After we color our walls, we can move on to arrange our floors. We can continue our home renovations by choosing our home’s parquet or tiles in a harmonious manner. During this election, we should take care not to choose independent grounds in style. If we choose a parquet in simple style, we should proceed with tiles that will maintain the same style in the rest of our rooms. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that the home decoration is designed by a single mind. If a common decision is made, this harmonization must not be bypassed. It is these incongruent preferences that we see most in decoration mistakes made in houses.



3- Renovate Your Home with Cupboards

One of the factors determining the position of your home is, of course, closets. The position of the cabinets, the portaments, at home will greatly affect the general air. If you have decided on your wall color and have prepared your floor, you can start working on the cabinet renewal. You have to adapt your wallets to the colors of the walls, the parcels and the tiles you have made before. We would recommend that you use the lacquer cabinets in a much better way if you are referred to as an Architect at Home.

4- Different Drywall Works You Can Do

Drywall is one of the working groups that have hundreds of examples to shape the house.

5-Door Happiness Must Be Opened

The presence of the doors is one of the factors that comforts the house. Designing the doors in good shape, choosing good colors and using the right models determines the beauty of the house. The doors should also be compatible with tiles, parquet and wall colors, as do other home renovations . american doors in Turkey generally is preferred. American gardens are both stylish and elegant enough to easily fit in with many household items.


6- Give importance to doors and door handles

Cabinet closures have a direct impact on the overall home design. Door handles are small details such as the same cabinet doors, but work that should not be bypassed while the house is being arranged. Especially if you give importance to the decoration of your house, it will be useful to choose the doors that will not break the concept and prefer door handles.

7- Using Different Colors Strengthens Emotions

Using different colors in different parts of your house will increase your house decorating power. Decorative works are made in a beautiful way and these are the environments that apply such different colors in a beautiful way. For example, the salmon coloring that works in perfect harmony with the sand beige color can make the house wonderful. is also the work that needs to be examined in the same plane.

8- Middle Part Empty

When designing the home decor, each section should be left empty. The center of the house should be spacious, work should be done by cleaning the house. Suspended ceiling applications and suspended ceiling work that can relieve the roominess of the environment in these houses may be nice. For this, you should design the ceilings correctly while you empty the middle of the house.


9- Give importance to balcony transitions

The balcony transitions should definitely not be skipped when doing home decorating work. When the balconies are designed correctly, the should be done considering the general structure of the house.

10- 3-Dimensional Epoxy Coating Works Like You Can Think

3D epoxy flooring work decorates each host’s dream. Applying spectacular visuals to the ground gives spectacular results. Particularly good selection of visuals on the ground is among the works that will make your house a totally different one.

11- You can think about effect paint applications

Effect paint applications can change the atmosphere of your home as you never imagined. Working like Italian paints, mother-of-pearl paintings makes your home look more stylish and easier to combine.


In this content, we try to give you ideas about home renovation and accompanying home improvement. With 11 beautiful suggestions, we tried to open your horizons. I hope it has been useful for you. You can also contact the architects at home if you are curious about your own home, and you can contact our interior architects at any time. We are ready to make your home beautiful.

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Interior Renovation Ideas from Interior Architects 11 Beautiful Advice

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