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Kitchen Cabinet Painting How To Be Careful, What To Look Out For?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting How To Be Careful, What To Look Out For?

The kitchen, which housewives consider to be the most favorite part of the house, is one of the most important parts of the house in terms of appearance. The cabinets that cover a large part of the kitchen view are also very important.

You can also paint your kitchen cabinets with a low budget, a little talent and a little effort, and you can bring a new breath to your kitchen, as your kitchen cabinets in your home lose their vitality over time or you get tired of your cabinets. The most important thing you need to do before you start work is to decide the color of your kitchen cabinet . This is a very important issue as the be selected after the decided. You can also benefit from our site on color. It is usually an influence that you need to keep in mind when deciding on the color of the kitchens being small and having too much stuff inside. For example, if you use white and shades of color, your kitchen may look a little more spacious and spacious. Especially if you have an old kitchen cabinet, you can see this difference with your own eyes after the whitewash. are the most preferred recent times. If you choose the wrong color in the same way, you will not be able to paint again immediately.

After this difficult decision-making process, all you have to do is to make a list of the materials you will use when painting the cabinets. It would be good for you to make a complete list on behalf of not forgetting any material while performing the transaction. In addition, before painting your kitchen cabinet , you can try a little experiment in an invisible part of your cupboard to live frustratedly. Doing this will help you through the steps and give you a small idea before the entire painting is done.

What are the Necessary Items for Kitchen Cabinet Dish?

  • Anti aging (long life) water based paint
  • Mask band
  • Sponge roller brush
  • Silk-tipped brush
  • Emery
  • Wood preservative

What are the preparations for cooking a kitchen cabinet?

Once you have supplied the materials thoroughly, you can now make preparations for dying cabinets. The first thing you have to do is empty the cabinets you need to do. After this step you can now unscrew cabinets. For this you can get help from a carpenter. Once you have removed the cupboards from their places, you can remove their handles as well. If the hinges do not come out of place, you can close them with masking tape. If your closet has a glass surface, you can cover it with masking tape to protect it against possible paint stains. You should spread the protection process not only to the cabbage but to all the kitchens. You can cover the rest of the room to protect it.

After cleaning the cupboards from possible paint stains, wash them with soap and detergent as much as possible so that there is not a lumpy image on your cupboard when you paint, which you need to do. You can apply this process to remove oil stains. After about 1 hour, clean with a cloth. If your cupboard is not wood, sand the paint and varnish. After the sanding process is finished, you can clean it again with the cloth to get rid of the dust. In order to protect against fungi and insects, you can apply a wooden protector before painting your cabinet. This is a material to prolong the life of your safety cupboard and your paint. After all this, your cupboard is now ready to be painted.

How to Make a Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process?

To start painting, you can start with the interior of cabinets, drawers and small spaces. You can use a small roll or brush when performing this operation. This brush and roller will be more useful for corner points of drawers that are difficult to reach. Once the interior and drawers are finished, you can now paint the exterior of cabinets. You can put your paint into a plastic dish or paint container. You can thoroughly sow your roller in this bowl or plate. Slowly and without pressure you can paint your wallet with your ruler. You can continue painting without hesitation. Go through the waiting period after you have completely stained it. There is not much difference between this waiting period and the waiting time, although it depends on the type of paint you are using and the color of the paint. Wait 24 hours to be sure. Please do not take any action during this time. After drying of the kitchen cabinets and drawers, you can go to the second layer of the floor. You can also touch the places where the large brush can not reach with a small brush or roller.

Last Stage for Coloring Kitchen Cabinets

If you also want to paint cupboard handles, spray paint can help you with this. The cups and drawers can be painted with spray paints of your choice to give a pleasing appearance. After you dry the first layer of paint, you can carefully sand the surface for a more professional look. Do not forget to remove dust again with moist cloth afterwards. Then pass the second coat and wait for it to dry again. After kurduktan, you can place handles and drawers and enjoy your renovated kitchen and kitchen cabinets .

What are the mistakes made while painting the kitchen cabinet?

  • The kitchen closet is a work that takes quite a bit of time and trouble. A kitchen cabinet painting process takes a minimum of 2 days.
  • Keeping the area clean is one of the hard jobs. For this, band and cover should be used as much as possible.
  • It’s a big mistake not to clean the surface before it starts to paint the kitchen cabinets. If you do not do this, you will get a bubbly look.
  • Choosing poor quality or wrong paint can also cause all this work to be wasted.

If you have any other questions that you have in mind, we can always consult with the Architect at home for advice on decoration and paintwork.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting How To Be Careful, What To Look Out For?

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