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Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

The use of laminate flooring has now become an indispensable part of our homes. Laminated parquets are also used in public areas such as offices and shopping malls. It is a much preferred flooring product with its easy to use and easy cleaning feature as compared to other alternatives. It is a system that you can have with a quick and easy application that you can make as an application without any problems at home.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate parquet is a multi-layered flooring product that takes the look of wood by overlaying various synthetic constructions with industrial techniques.

In this article, we will try to show you the types and colors of laminate parquet, but beforehand, let’s look at the types of parquet to get rid of confusion. Because of laminate parquet, only one kind of parquet and different types of parquet types are available.

Types of Parquet

The parks are located in different categorizations according to the materials and types of construction. Basically we can mention 3 types of parquet: massive, laminated and laminated parquet.

Massive Parquet

Massive parquet ; It is a homogeneous flooring parquet type consisting of single layer, all single quality wood. Despite being natural and recyclable, it is very long-lived. Heat and sound insulation is good. As raw materials, draft logs from Africa and from far east are used.

Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

Laminated flooring

Lamine parquet ; It is not a single layer like massive parquet, but it usually consists of 3 layers. It occurs when wooden layers are stacked on top of each other. The uppermost tree layer is made up of quality wood, while the lower layers are made up of lower quality tree species. Because it is polished and greased, the product is ready to use. It is completely natural and long lasting.

Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring ; Unlike other species, it does not consist of natural materials. But it is durable and long lasting. We can list their advantages as aesthetics, easy cleaning, variety and color, and lower cost compared to other parquet types. On the other hand, the laminate parquets are not resistant to scratching, the worn parts can not be repaired.

Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

Most Preferred Laminate Flooring Colors

so many varieties, you will not find it difficult to find the most suitable laminate

As you can see, the types and colors of laminate flooring are quite large. Depending on your style, you can choose the square meter that your house has, the one that suits you according to the color and style of your furniture. However, parquet producers generally divide laminate parquet colors into light color and dark color.

Light Color Parquet Colors

Light color is our preference for parcels to be preferred in homes called small because it shows the room or the environment wider.

Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

Dark Color Pale Colors

For dark-colored parcels, our recommendation is to use it in homes and offices that are larger in square meters.

Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

3D Laminate Flooring Models

The 3D parquet models that we often see in recent years and which we see in homes and offices add a different style to your house and office. As far as we can see, 3D laminate parquet has no difference in construction from other parquet. It is only possible to distinguish it as appearance. The biggest difference is the appearance, the 3D laminate parquet models are more airy and have added air depth. As a result, the rooms with 3D laminate flooring look warmer and richer. Here are some 3D laminate flooring models:

Rustic – Authentic Parquet Models

It is possible to see rustic style all over the house decoration. Because the main theme of the rustic style is wood, we wanted to talk about the rustic and authentic style of the park. These types of parcels, where cracks are formed in the aged yachts, are made manually. It is a product that you want to determine the level of aged or cracked at your desired level.

This type of parcels is often preferred because there is no loss of surface damage. This parquet model, which is generally preferred in the office environment, can be easily used because it is manually damaged and aged.

In this post we first told you about the types of parquet. Then we tried to present various examples by talking about the laminate park and its species. As a Home Architect, we will continue to work to make your home a better décor and look. You can follow our articles and ask questions that may arise in your mind to the Architect at home.


Laminate Parquet Colors and Types

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