For those who want to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, the Kaki Bedroom is an indispensable design.

Loda furniture, which will carry your sweet inspiration this autumn, offers a stylish collection of products to you with its Kaki Bedroom, which is inspired by the whiteness of the white and the oven.

With her admirable design, Kaki makes a gorgeous touch to your home.

The Loda Kaki bedroom suite, double sliding door and oak surface with differentiated mattress bedding and white quilted bedding complete the Kaki Wardrobe, dresser, bedside table and drawer box models. The Kaki wardrobe, which provides ease of use thanks to its large interior volume, adds a stylish room with double sliding door and white detail on the oak surface.

The Kaki Mattress , while covering your frame bed with a tulle in your design, adds a bright white color to your room. The Kaki Komodin , on the other hand, enriches the plain look with handle detail. The legs of the nightstand also come out as part of the Kaki style.

The Kaki Drawer Box can actually be used as a decorative coffee table.

Designed with one of Loda’s most colorful sets, Kaki’s again the most colorful of products, with a soft fit, the Kaki Dresser has a complementary look in your room. The dresser model is preferred by the users as well as with its colors, with its convenient structure.
Kaki Laundry is attracting attention with 5 drawers. There is a large drawer on the underside, which has all the features of a laundromat, handle detail and Kaki blue and cool.

The bedroom suite, designed using oak veneer, is being offered for sale at the Loda Furniture stores during the indispensable models of this winter, while taking care of the home … Users can purchase the Kaki collection as a team, if they wish, they can also enrich it with parts from Loda’s other bedroom collections.


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