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Loda Opens Bursa Store

Loda Growth will continue in Bursa

Loda Mobilya starts its first domestic construction after Istanbul from Bursa. Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçak stated that they planned to open 5 new branches in Bursa by the end of the year. Loda Furniture opens its new store in Bursa.

Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçak, “The issue of mağazasaşımız a subject that we are very sensitive. Until today, we continued our services in certain regions of Istanbul and with our branches in Azerbaijan. The increase in demand brought to the agenda that we should increase our store count. In Turkey, Istanbul, we decided to open our first store in Bursa outside. In the franchise negotiations, we were able to buy our brand at least as much as we could, and we sat on the table with investors who would observe our sensitivities. ” Karaçak, “Furniture exports constitute 20 percent of production. The city that dominates the sector is Bursa. Furniture brands prefer not to be in Bursa, even if they are not in production, “he spoke.

World Newspaper was taken from the 14 March 2016 publication.

Loda Opens Bursa Store

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