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LODA's Design Language and Innovations

LODA Mobilya Chairman Davut Karaçak and brand’s design language and innovations.

Would you describe Loda Furniture’s perspective and style?

Users do not have a limited expectation from a furnish only with their functions. Furniture; but also as a means to reflect the way of life and worldview. We are designing products that will make consumers feel happy. Our collections that we produce by following the design lines formed in the world are an example of the concept furniture. New materials, new lines, reflect the excitement designs created by the combination of the new look.

What color and patterns will we see predominantly on the new look?

Color scales, patterns, designs of different forms in one way, especially in furniture and decoration, which change according to the turning, almost encourage this need of the individuals. Warm and vivid colors like yellow, green, orange will be front-panel in this sense.

Which trends in the world do you reflect on your collections?

With simple, modern and convenient living spaces, loft apartments have recently become trends in the selection of luxury apartments. These areas, which are usually located on lofts, come to the forefront with mezzanine floors, minimum wall space and maximum daylight. We also focus on Scandinavian style models for the lofts that have recently become widespread in our country.

What materials do you prefer for the products you design?

Loda’s product range includes dining room, bedroom, barber, sofa, TV unit, lighting and complementary models in home decor. In our collections you can often see solid wood flooring and furniture and solid wood and walnut. Natural varnishes and natural colors with the furniture we use, we create a rustic effect in the living areas

LODA's Design Language and Innovations

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