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Minerva's Wrangler / Decorative Owl Biblings

There is a belief about owls that lasted from ancient times, and the owl figure in Greek and roman mythology has a protective meaning to knowledge, memory and knowledge holders. At the same time, the symbol of M harfin, located in the corn alphabet, is bruised. Particularly in the last decade, owl figures are attracting great interest in the fashion and home decoration sector, and we can examine the beautiful decorative owl bibles we choose for those who want to take part in this legendary animal decoration symbolizing different beliefs in mythology.

) Minerva’s Bird ( Minerva’s Owl )

If we talk about owls, we definitely need to talk about the significance and significance of Greek mythology. Let us give some information for our readers who wonder why the title is Minerva’s Bird . The goddess Athena, who took part in ancient Greek mythology, is called Minerva in mythology of romanism. Athena (Minerva) is the daughter of Zeus’ wisdom god, Metis. According to the beliefs of people living in ancient times, there is an animal symbolizing the concepts that each god or god is symbolizing, and these animals are regarded as sacred according to belief. Here, the goddess Athena in the Greek mythology banishes the animal.

According to ancient roman and ancient greek belief, patience, intelligence and knowledge were always the goddess Athena, which is always referred to, and even the monumental sculptures of the goddess athena were found at the entrance of the libraries established in the old cities.

At the same time, the owl figure has a protective meaning for knowledge, memory, and knowledge holders. According to another belief, when the goddess athena descends to the world, it is seen as an owl to mortal people. In short, the owl is considered a sacred animal during the Greek – Roman period and is known as Minerva ‘s bird (Minerva’ s owl) .

The owl has been an animal of many myths, and therefore has differed in beliefs for this animal. In some societies it is believed that owls are brought lucky when they carry an owl figure. A sacred animal in the Greek-Roman period, is considered to be the instructor of wisdom, perception, distinction and understanding of deception in Indian culture.

As a result, if you think that the owl figurine is the key to your wisdom and the symbol of luck, we think that we will certainly attract your attention to each other beautiful and decorative owl bibles we have selected for you. Owl bibles can be a stylish accessory to add color to your home as well as a very stylish and meaningful gift for your loved ones on special occasions.

Decorative owls with many different size and color options are offered at very reasonable prices in many Minerva’nın BayKuşu / Dekoratif Baykuş Bibloları PHOTO GALLERY / Minerva’s Baybird / Decorative Owl Bibles

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