New York, Paris and Stockholm are now competing in big cities with the attention of loft architecture. Loda Furniture inspired by modern designs of loft apartments transformed from garage or hangar with modern and original way of living, retro winds in urban houses.

In historical and crowded cities, lofts attract attention with its wide glass windows, mezzanine floors, high ceilings and gross concrete walls. The lofts slowly come to face in Istanbul. There is an original approach in the trendy decoration that started to rise in the old settlement areas. Vintage accessories, retro furnishings and leather surfaces come to life in a more masculine atmosphere. Loda Furniture closely follows the changing trends in the decoration world and designs products in different designs, colors and styles every season. The brand, which carries the energy of the season and the spirit to the living spaces, adds warmth, depth and unique texture to every room that Loda Furniture designs enter. Comodo corner seats, which will make you forget your tiredness comfortably when you come out of the tiresome environment of business life and break down with soft colors and design transitions, have a bold stand with modern design.

Loda reflects different touches to all his collections. The Comodo model makes your life easier with stain-resistant smoothed rennet fabric and patchwork patterned cushions. With its ergonomic design, Comodo is designed for those looking for comfort in every aspect of their life. In addition, the side section of the design with library module is also serving as a coffee table. You can visit the shops to experience Loda Furniture’s unique designs.

Maison Française was taken from October, 2016.


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