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New Trend in Marriage Shopping

The world’s most married which ranks fourth in the list of countries in Turkey, furniture shopping preferences in marriage is changing gradually. The choice of newly married couples is now modern and minimal lines. In our country, where the dowry culture still preserves its existence, the newly married couples, led by their parents in the past, now prefer individual-focused furniture shopping. The trend in furniture preferences of newly married couples is minimal and modern. Talking about the subject, Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçak notes that women’s preferences in furniture purchasing are more decisive than men’s preferences.

Davut Karaçak commented: “The women who will take a new step in marriage prefer the elements like style, color, quality, ergonomics. Due to the shrinking of living spaces, women tend to buy fewer but better quality products. The grooms, however, make a final decision in choosing more technological items than furniture. ”

The Weekend Magazine was taken on April 20, 2016.

New Trend in Marriage Shopping

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