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Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

The color choices we make affect our mood in every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to living areas that we have spent a long time in, such as homes and work places, we should be more researchers on color choices and not make quick decisions. Since our location is home decoration, we choose the colors in our living spaces, the psychological effects of which colors, which colors affect us more and which colors for our rooms are to be selected.

When decorating a living space, we will use this area depending on the style of decoration we choose. The colors should match both our mood and the style of interior decoration we choose. In short, we must take advantage of the colors to reflect our mood in decorating. First of all, we can start this work by deciding what kind of atmosphere we want to create at home. It is peaceful, warm, comfortable and full of action .. In order to reflect these features successfully, we have to choose the correct color tones.


For example, if you want to create a comfortable and calm atmosphere at home, you should definitely choose blue tones. In addition to the spaciousness of the space where they are used, the blue tones have a calming effect.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

blue space for decoration

Of course, the calm and peaceful environment we are talking about applies to some shades of blue, dominant blues such as indigo, petrol and cobalt will have the opposite effect to the open and pastel shades of the blue and make the place more vibrant and energetic. Especially with pastel blue tones you can create spaces that give you a feeling of spaciousness at home. For study rooms, yada can be used for bedrooms, light blue and pastel shades, of course, as usual, it is necessary to use the colors together with the balancing colors.


If you want your home to have a vivid and energetic look at all seasons, you can use bright, brightly-colored twigs. It has energy and enthusiasm and adds a dynamic style to the area of ​​use. You can achieve a more energetic visual by applying yellow and tones to certain areas in your home, for example kitchen balconies are ideal areas for yellow use.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

Feel the energy of the yellow

You do not need to use it as a wall paint for energizing the space, you can get the dynamic style you want with the various accessories and home textile products. It is known that yellow color gives joy at the same time, so if you look at it from this point of view, including the yellow in our living spaces will benefit us psychologically.


It is red with passion and fire, we often think once again when we include this color in decoration. Since it has a very impressive and striking color tone, wherever it is used, it will become the focal point of use. From this point of view, we do not recommend using red as a wall paint, but we can easily enjoy the attraction of red with various accessories and textile products.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

attractive red effect

An appetite that will look at the psychological effects of our red, that is, the most suitable areas to use red at home may be kitchens and dining rooms. Some red tones are applied to bedrooms, but we recommend using pastel shades, which do not look any further in this area for a healthy sleep.


Another color that gives a feeling of naturalness and refreshment at home is green. It is one of the most accurate and beautiful colors that can be used in green decorations, represents nature, adds spaciousness to the space.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

natural and calm green

If we use green color, we need to use this color in a balanced way, because excessive use of green in the habitat creates a feeling of laziness, because this color has a relaxing characteristic. For the bedroom, a suitable color can be used again, if the living rooms are green for the halls, we can use the appropriate green tones for the seats, the single seats, the curtains and the accessories on the floor.


If you are thinking of a warm and dynamic style for your home, we strongly recommend you to include it in your decor. Orange and shades add warmth to the house at the same time with a lively style. The orange motivator will also have a sincere effect, especially for the living room.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

warm and intimate orange

The psychological effect of Turun is to keep the person energetic and energetic, especially if you have a dark decoration, we recommend taking advantage of the energy of the turun and taking advantage of it.


If you want to add a noble style at the same time to your house, you should certainly take advantage of the black power. Black and shades give the living spaces they use a noble and powerful style, although if the black coloration leads to pessimism over exposure, we can incorporate this color into the decoration in a more balanced way. Black has a dramatic style, the most exaggerated examples of decoration passionate are known in gothic home decorations.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

noble and powerful black

In modern decorations, black and gray tones create a very impressive and aesthetic atmosphere. The black should be used in whatever way it needs to be used in decorations, combined with white and tones to save the environment from a dreary and cold style. You may have an idea of ​​how black should be used by examining minimal decorations on the monochrome.


Purple, which stimulates creativity in decor, is also a strong color that has become the focal point of the studio. Soft tones may be preferred for areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms. In the dining room, a stylish color, such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, provides a very stylish visual in furniture.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration


If you use purple at the décor, we recommend you to use it at certain points, without over-exhaling, and exposure to the purple color can lead to despair. You can create a stylish modern style with purple and tones in the bathroom decoration, bright purple tones provide a very aesthetic appearance in modern bathroom furniture.


Pink, according to the selected tonnes of color can create a lot of different effects on the floor. If you are creating a romantic style in decor, you can use the light pastel shades of pink. Bright pinks can be preferred for a more dynamic and moving ambiance at home.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

pink charm in decor

Pink is known to have a color tone, anger, anger and compassion that can create many effects as we speak. If you are going to use pink at home, the most suitable areas are bedrooms and baby rooms. A single feminine style can be achieved with a single pink piece in the gym, which can be a seat or a dresuar.

Psychological Effects of Colors on Decoration

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