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Spicy, Striking and Color: Pop-art decoration

Spicy, Striking and Color: Pop-art decoration

Pop-art style is one of the most ideal home decorating styles for those who want to live the energy of living colors in their home every season, even to exaggerate a bit and enjoy the stunning atmosphere that contrasting colors emerge at the same time. A colorful pop-art pop-art that quickly became a critique in America and became associated with the pioneer of the movement, Andy Warhol, which quickly surrounded the whole world. A funny, entertaining and striking

Designs that add space entertainment

arayanlar için en etkili ve basit şekilde stili ortama yansıtabilen dekoratif tasarımlar arasında dev posterler, eğlenceli yastıklar, çeşitli dekoratif aydınlatmalar, hatta halı ve mobilyalar geliyor. For those looking for pop-art decoration ideas, decorative designs that can reflect the most effective and simple styling are giant posters, funny cushions, various decorative lighting, even carpets and furnishings. Wall decor is one of the most effective ways of reflecting the pop-art style, for which comics pages and prints with various heroes can be used to successfully reflect the style on the wall.

Prints of world-famous names such as Marliyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and prints in various designs are often preferred in pop-art style home decoration examples. In short, you can use all the decorative items that you might think of, including the famous faces of the 50’s.

Materials and color choices

örneklerini incelediğinizde neon renklerin mekanı ele geçirdiğini rahatlıkla görebilirsiniz, kimi zaman duvarda, kimi zaman ise mobilyalarda parlak canlı renklerin hakimiyeti altında bir ortam. When you look at the examples of pop-art home decorations , you can easily see that neon colors capture the space, sometimes under the dominance of brilliant vibrant colors on the wall and sometimes in the furniture. However, when these bright and bold colors are used in a balanced manner, they may appear more regular and stylish, resulting in unconscious color choices resulting in a crowded, tiring and overwhelming environment.

You do not have to paint the walls with neon colors, it can be in white, a cleaner and modern space can be emphasized more effectively in pop-art themes. In this sense, we think that you will be attracted to modern pop-art house decoration ideas that you think will inspire you in our galleries.

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Spicy, Striking and Color: Pop-art decoration

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