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Style Consultant for Loft Apartments

Style consultant for loft apartments

Loft apartments, which have recently introduced a new look into the concept of luxury apartments, have become one of the most popular trends in the decoration world with its modern posture and handy design. How should they decorate these apartments and what parts?

Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçakm suggestions for loft decoration … Loft apartments with simple, modern and convenient living spaces have recently become a trend in the choice of luxury apartments in our country. Loft apartments, which are usually created by transforming industrial areas, garages or hangars into living spaces, have begun to be included in luxury projects as demand increases. These areas, which are usually located on lofts, feature minimal wall use, sunlight being used as much as possible and hanging up to the vine. Loda Furniture Chairman Davut Karaçak, loft apartments in the gold value of the decoration found in the suggestions.

Wood, large illuminations and leather upholstery

Dubut Karaçak stated that wooden furniture is on the foreground in the decoration of loft apartments with large area, “The cities that stand out in New York, London, Paris and Stockholm loft architecture. Especially in historical and crowded cities, the loft is the architectural front in Europe. Loft apartments have started to spread in our country recently. In the decoration of these apartments, a free understanding is prevailing. Do not forget that the furniture selected for Loft home decor can be industrial wood mix furniture, which will add a pleasant atmosphere to your space. ” Dubut says that one of the most important elements in the loft decoration is lighting, Davut Karaçak says that a good loft style large and beautiful lighting should be used. According to Karachak, to make a masked structure in this style, it is necessary to include vintage retro fabrics and leather-backed upholstery. Chester effects, especially applied to the arm parts of your seat, will add a very characteristic look to the decoration.

Exclusive Decor was taken from March 2016.

Style Consultant for Loft Apartments

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