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Support from the Sector of Furniture to Foreign Exchange in Tourism

“Furniture sector may close the foreign exchange deficit in tourism”

He said that the loss of foreign exchange experienced in the days when the support packages for the tourism sector were put into practice could be closed to other sectors and the furniture sector could take a pioneering role in this.

LODE Furniture Chairman David Khan, “all exporting sectors to create added value, design, If the weight of effective communication efforts to strengthen the perception of branding and brand of Turkey in the international arena can give back to our country as soon as possible exchange we lost as a result of the embargo by Russia,” he said. Embargo that Russia applied for Turkey, larch, indicating that many sectors adversely affect the start, the implementation of the support package for the tourism sector of the loss of foreign exchange that took place in the following days, other sectors may be closed, and said this one also can assume a leading role in the furniture industry. “All exporting sectors focus on value added production, original design and branding on international markets, and in many sectors, especially tourism, Russia can compensate for the loss of foreign exchange, which could be the result of embargo,” he said.

Due to the Russian crisis, Turkey’s only the annual income loss in tourism 8.5 billion dollars found that the way that claims are evaluating Khan, “This deficit is already $ 2.4 billion of exports, the Turkish furniture sector, 2023, which is 10 billion dollars, reaching the export target of almost will be compensated, “he said. Referring to the effect of the sector on the country’s economy, Karaçak said, “The furniture sector is one of the sectors with the lowest imports, with the highest employment. Turkey’s furniture exports, but account for 20 percent of the current production, produces 80 percent of profits. The sector provides a serious resource input to the country’s economy. Today, in the countries that have a say in the world, the furniture sector is the leading sector dominating the economy.

Loda Furniture Chairman Karaçak, “Furniture included in the fast consumer group, now design, innovation and quality front panel. What we need to focus on is the struggle with China, which has cheap labor, namely design, innovation and quality. If the focus to these issues, Turkey may turn into furniture production base. We maintain and maintain our presence in major markets such as northern Iraq, Baghdad, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Arabia, Iran, Africa and the Balkan countries.

Ege Haber was taken from the publication dated February 27, 2016.

Support from the Sector of Furniture to Foreign Exchange in Tourism

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