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Surprisingly Modern Container Houses

Surprisingly Modern Container Houses

Container houses can be preferred as secondary alternatives to idle space for their own unique cubic forms and for individual houses, which may have an original aesthetic stance at the same time as collective life. Container houses are among Europe’s most environmentally friendly, recyclable life projects that have been in use for many years and are of great interest. At the same time, we can say that container houses give a different perspective to residential architecture with durable structures and ergonomic bodies. In recent years, containers have emerged not only as individual home projects, but as new commercials of many world famous brands that support this flow. We wanted to give you a look at the remarkable and modern designs that emerged today with the containers used for land and sea transport.

As one of man’s most basic needs, accommodation continues to change shape with the arrival of the modern age. In particular, residential areas are being reshaped on an architectural principle such as sustainability, the diversity of materials used is increasing, models and projects are emerging that are compatible with nature apart from expectation of quality life, guaranteeing the existence of future generations, being recyclable and suitable for secondary uses. Containers that are frequently used in Europe, especially within the scope of these projects. Originally used for freight transport on land and sea transport, the containers allow robust construction and ergonomic bodies and new approaches to residential architecture for secondary uses.

Container Houses

In our country, the use of containers for housing has been going on for many years. Containers which are used especially for the temporary housing areas in the construction sector are located in the construction area or in the office, dining hall, dormitory, wc and bathroom etc. The basic solution method for meeting the basic needs of housing as However, the recognition of containers in our country became more evident with the emergence of container cities originally built after natural disasters such as earthquakes. In this period, emergency housing conditions were established by using containers. With the needs of many catastrophes being met, the vital importance of containers has come to the forefront and has become the focus of attention within different architectural applications. The situation abroad is slightly different.

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However, this authenticity does not mean that the dwellings meet expectations exactly in aesthetic sense. At this point, the answer to the question whether the need for compulsory housing involves an aesthetic concern seems to be determined by the nature of the supply demand balance that will emerge over time. Although the container houses are thought to have a great prospect in terms of their functionality, basic expectations, and practicality around the environment-based principles set out to save the modernizing world’s individualized lives and the future of our planet, it is also possible to lead to a number of problems in urban life.

For example, in Britain’s capital city of London, the problem of chronic housing is being tackled with container houses rented for a fee of £ 75 a week. In order to solve the housing problem, 800,000 houses are planned to be built up until 2021. The importance of container houses is especially great in meeting the need for temporary housing. This, however, brings with it the danger of a ghetto with the use of container houses.

Especially the presence of crowded zoning areas in large cities with no adequate infrastructure and adequate space for the construction of new residential areas is affecting the quality of architectural applications. Considering that the costs of large-scale construction in the limited development areas include the costs of destruction and rebuilding, container houses are useful for producing short-term solutions, and it is possible that this construction will create an aesthetic that does not comply with urban fabric.

As a result, the need for marriage in the human adventure of life is also changing in parallel with the needs of modernizing and changing. In particular, with the fast rhythm that adapts to the individual’s individuality of city life, each solution method that is easily accessible and quickly consumed is automatically demanded. This service, which is defined as Fast Food, starts with foods that are poor in quality but meet the needs of the consumer, and in terms of housing conditions it also enables the structures like container houses to enter the city life. For mankind to survive, it creates its own vital conditions and shapes the places it lived with technological and practical changes in accordance with these conditions. If we make a comparison with the past; it is not wrong to say that a different aesthetic understanding has been revealed for the city memories together with the modern age.

CONTAINER HOUSES (Container Houses)

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Surprisingly Modern Container Houses

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