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The Most Wonderful Bathroom Designs and Examples

The Most Wonderful Bathroom Designs and Examples

If we consider that a person spends an average of a year and a half of his life in a banyan, we can easily find out how important his design is. After all, we start the day-to-day life and finish it in the bathroom. Then it’s time for you to design your bathroom !  

In this content, you will find useful tips on the designs you can use in the canyon.  

To throw away the stress of the day; A Hot Bathroom  

If you want to create a calm and balanced atmosphere, you should choose elegant designs that will leave the room comfortable with simple lines if possible. When you are painting the walls of the canyon, choose tones that do not look good. For example, you can choose soft colors like cream or sand as the base tone and emphasize the modern interior with a calm and contrasting color. You can, however, choose a warm and yellowish light to make the environment more harmonious; decorative room smells, candles, wicker baskets, tiny vases and a few bath plants, you can get a peaceful atmosphere in the canyon.  

You do not know where your inspiration will come from; Bath Art  

Do not look at empty walls in the canyon. Do not hesitate to decorate your walls with pictures that will inspire you, and create your own bathroom design with frames that will reinforce your bathroom style . Consider the artistic decoration ideas for the canyon, beyond a canvas print. A wall gallery of your favorite objects, such as starfish or a small anchor figure, could be another way of decorating your bathroom walls.

Unquestionably Luxurious Appearance; Banyoda Black Marble  

Black marble is really eye-catching indoors. Black marbles that are very fashionable at the moment You can get a luxurious look in many parts using a few tiles in the sink, bathtub or wall. However, in order to avoid the dramatic appearance of black marble use, much attention should be given to lighting. Another use disadvantage is cleaning. The remains of soap or water drops can even stray. Can this cause us to give up the black marble? We do not think so.  

Be detailed; Small but Effective Details  

Small details can not hit the eye when viewed individually, but they can have a big impact when they come together. Design towel racks, metallic lampshades, decorative , foot lamps, plants, soaps, bathroom rugs, colorful vases, candle holders …

Original and Extraordinary; Gothic Line  

You can have an unusual appearance by reflecting the mysterious style of the medieval period to the canyon. Combining your walls with stained bathtubs, dark decorations, silver details, scrolling mirrors, flashy hunts, and candles will help you to color your walls with some of the colors of burgundy, purple, and gray. Your guests will enter the queue to use the canyon.  

Do not Minimize Dreams; Small Bathrooms  

Where my bag is small, I have practical, locally saving cabinets and shelves. For example; the area above the toilet is very useful in this regard.   Examine the examples without hearing the generalities that such furniture is esthetically distant.  

Bring Your Relaxing Spas To Your Home.  

Prepare your fluffy bathrobes and start transforming your bathroom design. For this type of bath you need to make your bathtub selection good. Your priority should be that it looks comfortable and stylish. With the details you will add later, you can easily catch the comforts of the spa centers. What are these details? Keep your bathroom products in bulk. Make room for scented bath salts. Keep your toilet paper in vintage cans. Choose Zen style bathroom decorative products , and do not forget to use pebbles and candles. If you have applied our suggestions, you can take your book and take the stress of the day in the canyon.  

No need to tolerate boredom

If you find your skin to be boring and there is not much you can do in this area, try a removable adhesive that can be used without modification. They can be removed without damaging the surface, and at the same time they can add a unique atmosphere to the canyon.

Banyoda Innovation; Black and White Tiles

If you prefer to try something new instead of traditional tiles, it is resistant to nursing; innovative wallpapers are for you. These wallpapers, with their excellent decorative work, have alternatives ranging from an attractive flower pattern that makes the banyon exotic and romantic to a watercolor look.  

We also recommend that you give chance to the patterned tiles as the floor covering. Especially black-and-white tours are very trendy these days!  


In this context, we have tried to give you ideas related to bathroom designs as an architect at home. We hope that it has been useful to you and that we can create something in your mind for the canyon.  

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Dreams of bathroom design from the hosts

In bathroom design I think that the most marginal dark colors and light colors are used together. But it’s hard to decide which one to be on the front when doing so. For example, I find it nicer to use a canyon and light colored patterns, motifs and objects in a darker end. cool bir görünüm veriyor . Bathroom is giving more cool look. ışık seçimi de çok önemli. The choice of light is also very important. I like the use of yellow / light yellow lamps in such a bathroom. If we want to make it more urban style, we can use white with dark gray tones. But my preference is mostly about the colors of soil, wood, wood. The mirror can be medium size. kombinine fazla büyük ayna eklemek yaratmak istediğim havasından uzaklaşabilir. Adding this much larger mirror to the nature-bath combination can move away from the air I want to create .  

-Anıl Taşcıoğlu

The comfort of the user should be prioritized when designing a bathroom. Bathrooms are the areas where people living in the same house are alone. For this reason, the light color of the inside of the comfortable and free feel of the inside of the mirror must be large. I would prefer to have large mirrors, functional and lighted so as not to bother me, but at the same time as bright as mere.  

-Elif Murteza  

I think it must be a tub in a bathroom. At the same time, ventilation should be good so that it is suitable for use on the bathroom.  

-Tuğçe Güngörer  

I think the most important detail is lighting. It’s also important to have more than one closet at the same time.  

-Irem Dilan Gülserin  

The Most Wonderful Bathroom Designs and Examples

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