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These Wine Goblets are Different ..

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

If you like recycling projects and you like to include designs that have your own signature in decorating, you’ll love this post. We will invite you to come up with creative and decorative wine glasses and decorating ideas that will inspire you to evaluate the glasses you have not used in your home differently. Here is the wine making process that is very enjoyable and will give you a special style of wine.

Decorative candle holders

If you like decorations that add creativity and difference, these handmade candle holders are for you. If you rely on handcraft, start by painting glass paints and glasses with your favorite colors. If you have a mood full of crazy and want to add some fun to your decoration, you can paint the glasses with vibrant colors and instantly glow.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

decorative designs with wine glasses

Then cut the ear and nose with the help of felt to make a fun animal contact. Next to the felt, start making cotton and fur and other cute animals.

Romantic candle holders with wine glass

You have a classic decor and a wonderful candle holder idea that will complement your chic tables especially on your special occasions. In addition, such a glass of ornament can be an inspiring idea in wedding decorations.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

wedding decoration ideas with wine glasses

Use the wine glass as a lantern, place a decorative flower inside and add a stylish candle to the bottom of the glass. With this arrangement, you can make big differences with the little touches in the decoration.

Simple and stylish candle holders with glasses

You do not need to turn around in this arrangement, just add colored decorative stones into it and add a little candle on it to use as a stylish accessory in your yada balcony.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

decorative candle holder made of glass

Wine glasses and colorful ice cream cups

If you do not use your wine glasses to drink wine, you can turn them into ice cream cups. You can paint cups by painting with acrylic or glass.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

decoration with wine glasses

Grow tiny plants in the glass

If you are looking for a natural and spacious look at home, you can easily reflect your style to every corner of the house by growing tiny plants in the glasses. All you have to do is to add some seeds of soil and fresh grass into the glass and keep it moist. These tiny pots will make a difference in your home at the same time will leave a natural taste at home

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

decorative small pots from wine glass

Wine glasses for Christmas decoration

The New Year’s Eve is approaching and you may wish to make various arrangements to reflect the dynamic spirit of the new year to your home. A simple but effective decor idea that you can use for wine glasses Christmas decorations. Put a little squeeze into the glasses of snow pellets everywhere you find and place small pine trees in it. You can use this Christmas-themed decorative ornament in every corner of the house.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

make christmas ornaments with wine glasses

Wine glasses for Christmas decorations 2

We continue to decorate your house with wine glasses that you can make a difference for Christmas. Now, place colored puppets on the glasses. You can decorate multiple cups in this way and place them in a large tray and evaluate them on the desktop at the beginning of the year.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

make a christmas ornament with wine glasses

Tiny lampshade with wine glasses

It is a creative and decorative idea for evening meals, especially on the balcony. Put a small amount of water into the wine glasses and place the small candles in the glass.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

tiny glass lampshade from the wine glass

The water you will add will prevent the glass from cracking by heating. Later, you should color the greasy papers with the colors you want and put your tips together on the glass.

These Wine Goblets are Different ..

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