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Tile Selection and Models

Tile Selection and Models

When it comes to kitchen decoration, firstly my mind comes with countertops, cabinets and home appliances, but it is important to remember that the main difference is the detail created by it; Tile-to-bench tiles !

While choosing amongst the tiles in many styles and sizes, durability, aesthetics and interior fit should be considered.  

We will try to inspire you in this writing to help you find the best design for your kitchen as a Home Architects team.  

Interested in:

Ne Black Ne White; Gray Rich Elegance

Gray color for furniture is often called cold, but it should be taken into account that the gray color in the kitchen has created an indisputable elegance. The gray countertops are elegantly fitted with stainless steel tools. Also remember that in many different shades of light, such as light gray, anthracite, dark gray, and many other materials!  

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Eye-catching Bench Tiles; Mosaic

We can say that mosaic kitchen tiles are always fashionable. What do you say to look at innovative, design mosaic tile models that escape from classical mosaic tiles in terms of adding individuality and creativity?  

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Setting Up Kitchens in Dark Tones Your stomach is not as hard!

If you choose dark shades for your kitchen, you can create a contrast with mosaic tiles from two to four different shades. Do not be afraid of being pessimistic. Brighten your kitchen with the colors you choose and decorative light systems.

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Feel the Mediterranean Esintis in your kitchen;

Who would not want to feel in the warm, warm Mediterranean soul?

You can catch a Mediterranean air in your kitchen by combining your rustic countertops with your light colored, blue patterned tiles.  

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Nature style; Wooden  

Indoors wood has proved to be an effective way to reduce stress levels. Do not hesitate to use liquid-resistant wood tiles between the counter and you can create a healthy, pleasant image in your kitchen.  

Tile Selection and Models

Eat in fun kitchens with colorful selections!  

The bright color choice between the benches creates a good mood and is striking. Whether the apartment is small or large, a fun color can easily refresh the room. For example, green wall tiles for kitchens are considered to be eye-catching and reminiscent of nature. It can also be effective to consider the psychological effects of colors on people!

For a more dramatic effect, you can place red tiles between kitchen countertops. They fit nicely with kitchens in modern or minimalist style.

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Catch the Vintage Style with “P atchwork” Wall Piece for Kitchen !  

When choosing patchwork shades, you need to be careful and behave as you choose colors. You have to make sure that the colors are in the right combination. and if you do not recommend it, be careful that your kitchen is monochromatic if you are going to use patchwork walls, otherwise you may get a tired look.  

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Retro Wind in Kitchen ; Metro Tiles  

If you admire old-style kitchens in American movies, you can easily build your own kitchen in such a way. If you combine your choice of cupboards in pastel colors such as green, blue, pink or yellow with white subway tiles, you will be taking your greatest step to create a perfect retro kitchen.  

Tile Selection and Models  Tile Selection and Models

Escape From Classic; Glass Plates and Mosaics  

Glass plates and mosaics, one of today’s most popular tile selections, create a very stylish appearance in our kitchens with many color alternatives. We advise you to take a look at them before you decide.  

Tile Selection and Models

In this article, we have tried to give some examples about the tile models between the looms and give suggestions. We hope you can benefit from your own kitchen design. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Architect at home and contact us at any time.  


Tile Selection and Models

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