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Turn-Key Renovation Decoration Prices How Long Have They Been Working?

Turn-Key Renovation Decoration Prices How Long Have They Been Working?

Turn-key renovation works are the ones that determine the quality of life in the house, which makes up the whole atmosphere of the house. This process, which affects the whole house, needs to be managed well by a professional team and properly planned. Here, as Architect at Home, we will try to convey to you all the details related to turnkey delivery prices .

How to Construct Turn-Key Complex Renovation Discovery and Planning?

The place must be explored in a very good way before you can renovate a house. The house must be fully explored here with an expert team (with interior decorators and decorators). For this, the interior architect will do a full inspection of the house together with the host. If the house is still alive and if it is desired to do complex renovations , talk about decoration and renovations. Here, suspended ceilings, paint whitewash, gypsum plaster, parquet, such as many pennies home talk to talk about how to choose models and how to put on the house. Interior architectural drawings come into play here. The interior architect draws, and if necessary, the 3d modeling work is created with any of the interior architectural programs .

Turn-Key Renovation Decoration Prices How Long Have They Been Working?

After the 3D modeling works for the complex home renovation, the renovation items are calculated one by one and the pricing works are started. Of course, according to the selected models, prices can be varied according to the needs of home renovation decoration. In some cases, the interior designer may charge a fee for drawing and managing the process. In some cases, this fee is reflected in the total cost of the property.

Turn-key Complex Renovation Decoration Prices

Pricing in complex home renovations is of course more convenient than minor renovations of a small house. For example, 100 m2 for paint whitewashes a price of $ 1,200 a year, while the complex renovation can be priced the same 100 m2 400 TL. The fact that both the masters are ready and the wholesale lots of work can be completed here leads to considerable discounts in price. We, as Home Architects, have tried to create an average turnkey conversion price table in our content. I hope it will be useful for you. You can contact us at any time for your questions about the table.

Evin Metrekaresi Average Remodeling Prices
50-100 m2 10.000-30.000 $
100-150 m2 15,000-45,000 $
150-200 m2 25,000 TL-50,000 $

How long will the housekeeping work?

The length of time home renovation will of course depend on how the work will be and which items are covered. In general, a standard 3 + 1 house renovation has an average time between 10 days and 30 days. If we are talking about a 2 storey 250 sqm villager, the time varies from 30 to 45. We would like to remind you once again that the work has changed the skill of the masters and the desired models. In order to see more clearly how long house renovation will take, we have created a different modification process chart for you. You like it.

Evin Metrekaresi Average Complex Renovation Time
50-100 m2 8-15 days
100-150 m2 15-30 days
150-200 m2 20-35 days

What Work to be done for Complex Home Renovations?

When working on complex home renovation, a lot of different types of workmanship are used together. For example, while a group of masters paint whitewash, a group of master plasterers perform plasterboard work, while another group may be interested in home plumbing. The point that the landlord will consider here is to negotiate with the right interior architects or decorators, foremen, who supervise the professional working crew. Each master group contributes to the overall beauty of the house by doing the right thing here.

Which Renovation Items Should Be Prioritized?

There are some points when the house is being renovated so it can not be done by skipping those points. Installation is at the beginning of these. If the installation is distressed, the priority issue is installation. Afterwards, the floor must be firm and stiff. Epoxy or parquet floor tiles are selected and applied from the floor covering materials. After all these, the furniture is chosen, the color and application preference is made for the paint whitener. Suspended ceilings and gypsum plasterboard work are done if there are applications.

Work List for Importance of Home Renovation

  • Installation studies
  • Floor covering (parquet, tiles, epoxy)
  • Paint whitewash
  • Gypsum and plasterboard
  • Furniture and cabinet making
  • Decorative installations

Examples of Complex Home Renovations

It is unlikely to be able to understand the subject clearly in order to examine the examples. We also decided to present examples to you in this section as an architect at home. We will try to make you feel inspired and informed about successful home renovation examples.

In this article, we tried to give you relevant information about the complete turnkey renovation and decoration. We hope that it has become a useful content for you. If you are in your home related to this subject and you need any modifications in your office, you can communicate with the Architect at home, and you can easily pass your questions and comments to us at any time.

Turn-Key Renovation Decoration Prices How Long Have They Been Working?

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