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Unusual Designs in Loda

Loda is important to create realistic living spaces focused on the user.

Loda is a partnership of Tech Design Furniture. It has established its own place in the sector with the furniture produced by combining advanced technology and human labor established in 2000. The product portfolio, design line, with quality and after-sales services include quality furniture manufacturers in Turkey. Loda is important to create realistic living spaces focused on the user. We can say that every furniture we produce today is a design product that sticks to this principle from the draft stage to its production. Design is the most important element for Loda. Because furniture is one of the ways of expressing oneself. We offer you the opportunity to reflect your own style with unique designs. In addition to following world trends, we produce our products in Scandinavian style; dining rooms, TV units, armchair groups, lighting units and complementary accessories in this concept. When you first see our furnishings, you will definitely define them as “different.” This difference from design will make your homes more attractive in terms of quality, if we try to explain Loda’s distinction with two articles; We work with focus. We aim to create an excitement with the combination of new materials, new lines, new perspectives. In our opinion, this is the basic principle of producing a furniture that you would be happy to become a part of your home. -We produce a user-focused solution. Loda attaches importance to producing accessible value. We take care to move with the price policy determined by the balance of quality and design.

Loda … Unconventional Designs Onda!

Loda uses natural materials in the decor. Designs comfortable, sincere, marginal and realistic living spaces by creating a different atmosphere with trend decorations and different wall coverings that emphasize design-oriented products. Where are Loda? Loda Furniture; Modoko Mobilyacilar Sitesi, Masko Mobilyacilar Sitesi and Bostanci E-5. In addition, Loda, which has a store in Baku, increases brand awareness by adding innovations to institutional stores.

Modoko Life Exclusive taken from August 1, 2015.

Unusual Designs in Loda

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