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Use of Round Mirror on Decoration

Use of Round Mirror on Decoration

The accessories used in home decoration are used to transport the upper level of decoration to the decoration. Mirrors are at the head of the products that make up the upper level of the frills. The use of round mirrors on the décor adds a unique look to the living spaces. Mirrors from the greatest helpers of decorations have become almost mandatory in almost every space decoration.

So, what about the use of mirrors in home decorating?

How should mirrors be used in hall decoration?

Where should the mirror be hung?

How to use mirror?

What are mirror use areas? Do you know the answers to the questions? Let’s find this and many other questions together.

Use of Round Mirror on DecorationUse of Round Mirror on Decoration

The use of mirrors is frequently used especially in saloons, entrances and living room decorations. It is especially preferred in areas with low illumination.

Where is the mirror positioned in dark places? In the dark areas, the mirrors on the window and on the door will emit two beams of light.

The last few seasons are the use of mirror, which is very popular to add lighting to the rooms by applying a covered mirror on the dresuar, side and middle table.

Where is the Mirror Used?Use of Round Mirror on Decoration

Today’s trend is the use of round mirrors. Round mirror models are used in the living room, in the hall, in the entree, on the console, along with etajer and dresuar, in the bathroom and make-up.

The round mirror design fits nicely into the finished decoration styles. Even in the most difficult classical decorations with mirrors, the walls are fitted with wall sconces.

You can make big round mirror decor in Salonda. Large size mirrors can be used especially for dark and narrow hall decoration. The use of gold-framed mirrors is among the most preferred round mirror models on the go.

Mirrors can be used in various sizes for a different elegance to salon decoration. Rounded mirrors to be used in hall decoration can be positioned at certain intervals and you can sign attentionable decorations.

It would be more convenient to use a mirror in a few small sizes instead of a large mirror in the kitchen. The mirrors selected in various sizes can be ordered from small to large or from small to large, giving the kitchen a completely different elegance.

You can also make cool decorations by using round mirrors in the children’s room and in the bathroom.

We used to say that the use of mirrors is a must for decoration. This is according to today’s interior decoration experts and many people.

According to many people, the mirror does not use every field. The size and shape of the mirror used and the area to be located are also of great importance. Come now see the place of the mirror, the places of use and contributions to decoration together on the feng shui philosophy.

The Place of Mirror in Feng Shui’s Philosophy Use of Round Mirror on Decoration

According to Feng Shui, mirror is a symbol that multiplies energy. For this reason, the mirror should always be used in every household, whether small or large. If the size is used in the same way, it should be large enough not to cut the neck.

According to Feng Shui, the mirror should not be used in the kitchen opposite the stove and oven, in the banyoda, across the entrance gate, in the stairs and bedrooms. If the mirror is used in the bedroom, the wardrobe should be positioned in the lid.

Especially in corridors, the use of mirrors must be used to slow the negative energy.

Do not use a mirror that will disturb the person when the lamps are burned on a continuous basis.

According to Feng shui, mirror shape and size are also important. Oval and round mirror symbolize peace. In particular, it is necessary to position the round mirrors in the northwest and west of the house.

Square mirrors Square framed mirrors that are absolutely framed should not be used.

Rectangular and square mirrors located in the southern, northern and southern parts of the house bring wealth to the owner of the property.

The mirrors positioned on the side to the side of the dining table increase the fertility.


Use of Round Mirror on Decoration

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