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What is Interior Design and What are the examples?

What is Interior Design and What are the examples?

Interior architectural designs are plans created to make homes beautiful. Every interior designer makes interior design before starting work. These designs start with and end with modeling.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the modeling of all the items in the house from the beginning to the end, renovation and decorative works. Interior design is prepared primarily by taking into consideration the needs of the house after taking a survey and a survey.

Interior design is prepared by the interior designer for a certain fee. Housewares are selected according to the style of the house decoration, placed in the correct way. Here, interior designers are also required to design modifications such as niche models, suspended ceiling models.

Interior Design Examples

It is much better for you to examine the specimens as we have mentioned in each of us. You can understand better by seeing the examples that are meant to be told, but you can only get the right inspiration for your own home. Here are some examples of interior design that we have prepared for you.

When you examine interior design, you can see that quite different models are created by interior designers. Each of these designs has been designed according to the wishes of the host, according to the general condition of the house.

What is the Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration?

The concepts of interior design and decoration can sometimes mix. We will try to explain the difference between these two situations. First, interior design is done by interior architects. The interior designer has to consider every aspect of the room that you will redo. These include replacing old pipes, and if necessary, wall demolition. At the same time your bedroom can transform your living room into a living room or a home office. These are tasks for interior design of the interior architect. Terms such as color and comfort are also among the interior architect’s duties.

Decoration is mostly done by decorators. The task of the decorators is more ornamentation. If the has designed an office, the office chooses the color of the appropriate accessories, furniture and tables as the decoration head. If the interior designer designed a children’s room, the ornaments appropriate for that room are made by the decorator. To give an example, it is the task of the interior decorator to make the interior of the room more luminous, if it is bright enough to illuminate it using the colors of the objects.

Most Used Interior Design Programs

Interior designer drawings, designs are made through programs. Let’s start by telling these two programs for you briefly.

Autocad Program

With Autocad you can make 2D or 3D drawings according to your needs. Here you can perform complex architectural services both in interior architecture and in large structures. The biggest reason for using Autocad is that the program is fast and useful.

3DS Max Program

3DS Max is a design program that can create drawings that are closest to real life. You can make internal architectural output exactly in line with reality. It is a much more successful program than Autocad program at modeling point. You can do both lighting and design touches better with this program.

In this article, we give you both information about interior design and we try to convey to you the designs we like related to the subject. I hope you are informative. You can also contact us with questions about interior architecture and other topics from our section.

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What is Interior Design and What are the examples?

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