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Where should the place of the TV be?

Where should the place of the TV be?

From the past, day-to-day televisions are among the constant elements of hall decoration, and they seem to stay that way for many years. Developing technologies are always bringing innovations to our lives, especially smartphones and smart TVs in our country where internet usage is getting more and more popular. We are in a period when televisions have access to the internet and smart devices have great pre-requisites in terms of interior decoration.

Where should Salonda Television be?

When decorating the living room the priority should always be comfort and image quality. Having a television with high technology is not enough in this sense, and factors such as the decoration and lighting of your room are of great importance in order to experience the highest quality of the picture. As an interior decoration, the position of the seats and the lighting level of the room are effective factors in terms of image quality.

Where should the place of the TV be?

ideal television set-up

The television can be mounted on the wall mount. However, it can be mounted on the rear side of the television by making a cabinet about 15-20 cm deep. The advantage of this is that the cables can be fed to the electronic devices from the back and cleanliness, invisibility can be obtained.

Distance between the television and the seating group

The television should be located exactly in the center of the seating group. The distance between the television set and the sitting groups is very important in terms of image quality and eye health and it is a matter to be considered. The most important factor you need to know in this regard is the fact that television distance is directly proportional to the size of the television. As an example, a distance of 4 to 4.5 meters is required for a 82-screen TV.

Where should the place of the TV be?

Distance between seating and television

If the distance is too close to the near side, the image quality will be reduced. If you have a small saloon that is directly proportional to the size of the ideal distance screen, you can choose screen sizes that suit your room size in your TV selections, large screens can look over these small living spaces and even affect your eyesight.

The importance of lighting

Illumination is a vital issue in terms of comfort and image quality. It’s not just watching television, but generally speaking, the room should not be too dark, not too bright. In this sense, you can provide the light level required for the room with different lighting options. If we look at today’s popular lighting, we see spots and LED lights on the front. Spot and led illuminations enhance the image quality because they reflect very little.

Where should the place of the TV be?

sitting room

It is extremely advantageous to use a lighting device that can be turned on and off independently of one another instead of a single light source. You may want to light different areas during different times of the day, especially in the upper evening, in the evening, so you can opt for independent illuminations in different areas of the room.

Should lights be turned off while watching television?

Most people prefer to turn off the lights while watching television, but the lighting of the television will be disturbed after a while. If the lights are turned off and the television is to be watched, a slight dimness should be given by making a secret lighting behind the television.

Is the sunlight reflecting on television?

Depending on the position of the TV, the sunlight may reflect and this may degrade the picture quality. If the reflection is still present when you receive the television in front of the window, you can use the Black Out Stor Curtain Models as a solution. These curtains are especially ideal designs for daytime television viewers, because there will always be reflections from the sunlight, no matter where the television is located.


Watching television should not have distracting colors and patterns, especially on the walls behind the TV. For example, there is no distracting elements such as a table, sticker, etc. on the wall in front of which the television is located. The color of the wall may give the same imprecision, so when we look at it we should not choose very dark walls with very light colors.

Where should the place of the TV be?

where should be salonda tv’s place

You can even add a saloon style and make a comfortable focus while watching television by making soft colors for the wall decoration behind the TV. White, light brown tones, light gray or beige colors are the most preferred colors among the hall wall colors which are not preferred.

Seating Groups

The comfort of the living room decoration is the most important point when choosing seating groups. Since there is a living space that is spent so much time, the choices to be made in this section must be comfort, and the lowness and height of a sitting group in front of the television must also be equal to the height of the television. It is useful to choose designs in accordance with the population of the house, functional triple sofas for crowded families are extremely ideal and a single seat can be preferred if the number of people is small.

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Where should the place of the TV be?

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