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Why is Mdf Furniture the Preferred Example -What is it?

Why is Mdf Furniture the Preferred Example -What is it?

Mdf is a raw material that is generally expected to be compared with the chipboard when it should be preferred by everyone. Although Mdf is more expensive and heavier than sunt, it is preferred more. The reason for this is that there is no gap between the MDF and the MDF due to the stronger printing process during the construction phase . It is very important that you choose mdf so that you do not swell when you prefer in humid environments.

What is Mdf?

We did not mention the emergence of Mdf in 1965 in order to evaluate wood waste. Medium Density This raw material, which is formed by taking the initials of the words of the fiberboard, is medium density fiber sheet.

These fibers in the medium density are sieved with 9% to 11% hot-stick adhesives. When the mixture is dry, it is pressed at the pressure level and becomes mdf sheets.

How to Produce Mdf

We would like to talk briefly about how MDF is produced and content you want to choose at home. 90% of the content of the Mdf is composed of seeds.

  • The roots are obtained from various trees and are then separated into their fibers by dense steam.
  • A variety of hardeners and adhesives are added to the split fibers.
  • The mdf, which is pressed twice, is sketched in the first pressing.
  • The second pressing process is more detailed and gives the final state of the MDF.
  • The second stage is pressure hot pressing. The reason for doing this process is to heat the plate to ensure that the fibers stick together and bring them to the desired thickness. At the end, the plates which are cooled are sanded to make it smooth and the use is made ready.

Where is Mdf preferred?

You can use Mdf in many industries where you use wood. MDF sheets are coated with various decorative papers using resin and glue. These plates, which we have made using resin and glue , become resistant to water and flame, and this plate is called MDF-LAM . MDF, which is widely used in the production of modular furniture, is also frequently used in lacquered furniture. Lake furniture, because the raw MDF is primed and painted with lacquer, you can have very durable and high quality furniture.

What is the Difference Between Sunta and Mdf?

It may be easier to deform due to the pressing process. Chipboard and baking sheet are more durable because they are better treated than materials .
It may swell when it is in a humid environment. There is no swelling condition because it is pressed tightly.
It is lighter than Mdf. It is heavier than Sunt.
The assembly time is likely to be deformed. Because it is durable, it does not bother you during the installation process.

We have tried to give you some information about these issues, what are the advantages and disadvantages of mdf for you , how to produce it, and what you prefer in your home . If you have any other questions that you have in mind, we can always consult with the Architect at home for advice on decoration and paintwork.


Why is Mdf Furniture the Preferred Example -What is it?

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